Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They have distorted the meaning of the season.  We know our seasons because of the changes in the weather.  The television used to have its TV seasons from   September till June when you could watch your favorite show each week on the same day at the same time.  Not anymore.  Now you can purchase box sets of DVDs of seasons of your favorite series since they started.  You can also subscribe to Netflix where they might have your favorite series and you could watch that for three days straight.  But now the entertainment industry is controlling us like a woman you love and is holding back and controlling you.

Recently Mad Men kicked off its final season. The final season finale   won’t air for   over a year from now.  They are splitting the seventh season into two parts.  Seven episodes to air now   and the other seven to air in 2015.  That is like a girl saying she loves you now but is saving herself for   marriage in   2015.  I’m sure they’re   advertising this as something that is good for the viewer and a way to cherish every last moment with our favorite characters.  As a fan it is hard not to feel as if the network is just milking every last drop out of this successful series.  Like a woman holding onto her private parts till the last moment.
The networks have done it before.  Breaking   Bad   aired   Its   last season in two installments a year apart.  Sex in the City, The Sopranos and   Battlestar   Gallictar  all made fans wait for months during their final acts.  There are a lot of reasons that could make sense of why networks would drag out a final season.  They could maximize   the sale of DVD sales and sponsorships.  The show can compete in two different years of Emmies and actors can sometimes be kept from getting a raise. As   the viewer, all this waiting could be very frustrating.  No man wants to wait for marriage these days.

We are seeing it   more and more at the box office lately.  Let us blame it on Harry Potter.  The final Harry Potter book called The Deathly Hallows was split into two films.  Backdrop to Twilight split its final book into two films which prompted the Hunger   Games to split its final book into two films.  Is this all about money?  It is like an engagement lasting two years.  The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part I comes out this thanksgiving.  I have to be thankful for a stupid film that they got me hooked into?  Like in a too long engagement, you can forget what you are looking forward to.  Part II comes out in November of 2015.  Will I even be alive then?

Peter Jackson has turned   The Hobbit, a book   that is only a little over 300 pages, into three separate major films.  I have no problem with long romances but in high school it took me about a minute and a half   to   finish. Ok Sorry, too much information.  I guess as long as viewers keep tuning in and   buying   tickets   in the theaters, we are going to continue to be seeing these to be continued approaches to our favorite shows.  If you want to know what else I think, you can find the rest of this rant in the spring of 2015.  As always, thanks for reading.

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