Thursday, May 1, 2014

:America is known for many things.  We have been leaders in engineering.  We offered the world   the smart phone, computer operating systems like Windows, social media like Facebook and Twitter.  The world is in   love with   American music and most of all American movies.  The latest Spider man movie already made $150,000,000 before any American was able to see it on American soil.. America is   also   the land of opportunity for actors from other countries to make it big in movies. 

The   classically trained English actor Orlando Bloom made his millions from Block Buster American movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The latest success story from other parts of the world is that beautiful young chocolate actress that went from being completely unknown in one year to receiving  all kinds of awards in America. 

She went from   amenity to a household name in the span of one award season and she   won most of the awards. Lupita Nyong’o seems to be everywhere now and is a very recognizable actress.  In a span of one year she is   mostly known for   winning the Academy Award   for her   work in the movie called      12 Years A Slave.  This week she was also named People’s Magazines most   beautiful woman of 2014.  Her  educated  accent is appealing.  Her beautiful chocolate complexion makes you just want to lick   her and and I love how she usually wears her hair in the natural curls she   was born with.  She was even featured at the MTV Music Awards while she is not known for singing a single word.  Lupita’s charm and sophistication is helping to ignite her career even further.

Lupita in her dark   beauty seems to have captured the eye of many people.  This week she announced that she is the new ambassadoress of  Lancome from Paris.  It is a very big deal because she  is the very first  African spokeswoman for the international makeup giant company.  It is another international barrior broken. She is part Mexican and part Kenyan.  The Lancome  deal will  ensure   that we will be seeing  her face everywhere on billboards and in magazine printed ads.  We already embraced the beauty of dark skin when she wore that pale powder blue flowing Prada gown to the Academy Awards.  It only enhanced the beauty of her dark creamy chocolate   complexion.

She admits that as a child she used to pray to God for a lighter complexion simply as a sort of solution to being more accepted in society.  She doesn’t pray for  that anymore because not only does she have the confidence to fit in society now but to also be a role model for anyone who looks in the mirror and might not be happy with what they see.  When she received an award from the Essence Hollywood Award Luncheon, in a speech Lupita read a letter from a fan.  The fan  wrote that she was just about to buy a type of cream that lightens skin.  The room hushed in horror since Essencee is all about celebrating the Black woman.  She went on to  read the letter that expressed thankfulness to Lupita  for being true to herself, embracing her natural dark beauty and promoting the natural  black woman again where artists like Bionce seem to be getting blonder and whiter with each appearance. 

Lupita’s mom always told  her that she was beautiful just the way she was.  It wasn’t until a photographer took  interest in her in Mexico where she was a minority and did not feel like she  fit in.  It was his glamorous photos of her that gave her increased confidence in herself and then went on to study acting in college from the ivy league school , the Yale  School of Drama.  Another vote of confidence for her was when she saw black actresses and actors in serious acting roles like in the movie called The Color Purple.  She wasn’t necessarily thinking about race but was happy to see actors and actresses with hair like hers and dark complexions.  I admire her  willingness to discuss things that seem to be so sensitive to others.  We need to celebrate our differences in the world and be happy that humans come in very different shades of color and talents.

She had gotten more than 20 awards from one movie appearance.  She is aware that there  are ebbs and flows in everyone’s career and realizes that she is on the way to the top of the roller coaster ride of life.  

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