Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Do you want a weapon, something to shoot somebody with?  Forget all those background checks and gun shows because there is a much easier way to suit up with weapons.  Now it is very easy and completely legal to make a firearm right in the comfort of your own home.  I find this to be disgusting, offensive and downright dangerous to the general public since we don’t even know who lives behind closed doors.  I am talking about high caliber rifles that are totally untraceable possibly in the hands of untrained, unsafe mental patients.
Homemade firepower can be   delivered to your front door as a pile of metal and within hours you are shooting at targets.  An AR15 can be built from a kit you can buy online.  It can shoot 45 rounds per minute.  It has no record of sale and no serial number.  This is a virtually   untraceable weapon and something needs to be done to stop the sales of these things.  It serves no constructive purpose in our society.  The government has no clue that it exists or at least it is not making it public that they are interested in corralling these weapons.  That is exactly how the manufacturers want the situation to be.  Is it simply a business plan?  There should not be any business plan   for any product that simply exists for death and destruction. Dimitri   Karras is the CEO of Aris Armor located in Oceanside,  California who has made a big business selling weapon kits.   

He justifies   his disgusting business by arrogantly saying that his goal is to get as many of these weapons onto the streets as humanly possible and in his opinion, an armed society is a just society.  I say, an armed society is only needed until we all shoot each other dead and then that will be   the end of society.  This man is insane and should be put in jail and his business dissolved.  The law states that you can legally build the gun as long as you don’t sell it or give it away.  He has a big business selling kits that can be easily turned into guns and because   of the way the gun laws work, no background check is required.
Dimitri ships kits to all parts of the country. The   gun kits are very easy to assemble. These unregistered weapons are   being found in the hands of gang members in Los Angeles, cartels in   Mexico even in the hands of a mass murderer.  I guess the main problem is that nobody has a sense of ethics or of right or wrong. It is a free for all with the only thing that is worshiped is the amount of money a weapon can bring.  Last June in Santa Monica, John   Zawahri   killed five people with this weapon. He originally tried to buy a gun but failed the background check.  So, he bought   the parts on line and built his own rifle.  Dimitri ‘s   answer is that there was a knife massacre in China the same day that John killed people.  Does that mean we should have background checks for people who own knives?  I say why not!  Put all the crazy people back into mental institutions.  Yes I use the politically incorrect word crazy instead of the sugar coated words of   mentally challenged.

We protect our   children from   danger and try our best to keep anything harmful to their health out of their reach.  How can we protect us from random acts of violence?  While Dimitri makes everything you need to make a gun in his shop, he is not a licensed firearms dealer who says he doesn’t need to be licensed.  With parts   everywhere that resemble guns, he insists that his shop does not contain a single gun simply because something hasn’t been put into some place on a weapon yet.

AR15_Buyers_GuideAll this confusion goes back to the Gun Control Act of 1968 which defines what a firearm is.  A rifle as far as the government concerned is a receiver.  It is the middle section of the rifle that connects the mechanical parts that makes it   fire.  That seems to be a very loose description for weapons that have changed dramatically in the last 46 years.  Do you think the government needs to do a little bit of   work creating new definitions?  They won’t.  Congress is run by the gun lobbyists.
At least receivers are tightly regulated like being stamped with serial number and registered by the Feds.  You need to pass a background check to buy   a gun unless you buy one that’s not quite finished.  Let’s go Federal government and close these loopholes already!  Not quite finished means it only needs a few more holes drilled into the receiver and that’s called a not finished or 80% receiver.  I think the politicians need to have a few holes drilled into their head till they realize this nonsense has to stop.  OK, I didn’t mean that.  I am a nonviolent former New York City police officer.  There was violence in the Serpico movie, but that was all in self -defense.

It takes about 45 minutes at a drill press to do the job and if you don’t have  that machine, there are plastic receivers that can be finished with a $50.00 tool.  The hard plastic guns are so easy to assemble, you can build them at home with a Dremel Tool.  Dimitri said he will sell   75,000 unfinished receivers this year mostly through online sales.  No background check   necessary and anyone can buy one.  The ATF admits that these guns are increasingly showing up at crime scenes.  Last year the ATF confiscated 365 guns just on the streets of Los Angeles that did not have serial numbers.

The   arrogant Dimitri says that he is not afraid of the government and thinks that there are millions   of receivers   in this country right now.  He is proud to say that he did his part to arm the people of America.  My fear is that humans who supposedly are the smartest things on earth will eventually destroy us all through our own stubbornness and arrogance.


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