Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There is a reason why people still come to America.  It happens to be a great place to live.  This country can attract talented people from all over the world because it still is a land of opportunity.  You’ve heard it before but let me remind you as we walk in life with a very special man living here in America.  His life story can also be an inspiration for   all of you who face extreme disappointment in your life and feel like there’s no tomorrow.  Yet we don’t know what tomorrow will bring even if your   life   truly   turns to be disastrous, tomorrow can only be better.

Let’s talk about a guy who has created something truly different for the world.  It is a car called the Tesla.  If you try to compare the Tesla   Model   S to other cars, it is like   comparing   an   I Phone to a desk phone.  It can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds.  Tesla is just another idea from the amazing mind of   Elon Musk.  He is a 42 year old man who grew up   as a little boy dreaming up of fast cars and rocket ships.  He also had dreams of   colonizing Mars and saving the earth.  We all just dream this guy creates.

The Tesla Model S is powered by 7000 battery cells that is linked to an Electric Motor.  No engine.  No transmission and no tailpipe.  There is a waiting list for the car even though he makes 600 of them per week in a plant in Northern California.  Elon describes himself as an engineer who is interested in things that can change the world for the better in the future.  His electric car when mass produced will save the world from pollution from fossil fuels burning.  How is it even possible that he can build a new innovative car and build spaceships   from his company called Space X that can land on flames?

The car company can be the first successful American start up car company in 90 years.  He wanted to create a reasonable car that everyone can use other than a sluggish electric golf cart.  What is important to him is to reduce greenhouse gases that threatens the world.  His car can go 250 miles on a single charge.  He is also building a network of charging stations where the driver   pays   nothing for a fill up.  He hopes to make the stations solar powered.  We need a guy like this to make significant changes for   everyone in the world.

This car won the highest quality rating in the history of Consumer Report’s and has the government’s highest safety rating.  His fascination with technology began during his childhood in South Africa.  He was interested in computers at an early age.  By age 12 he wrote the software for a video game and sold it.  He realized   that super heroes and comic books were a product of the United States, the software   capital of the world. So, he followed the American dream and moved to this country.  He lived in his office in Silicon   Valley and invented a program that gave step by step directions between addresses that is used commonly today in cars and   phones.  In 1995 it was brand new and within four years he made $22,000,000.

Only in America do you have opportunities like this.  He went on to invent an online banking system called Pay Pall that he sold to E Bay for one and a half Billion dollars.  His   share   was $180,000,000 and invested it all in Tesla and Space X.  At the age of 37 he hit rock bottom.  His first rockets   failed to reach orbit and his early cars   had quality problems.  In 2008 he lost all his money developing these two companies and he was getting a divorce with five children to care for.  Yes life can be disastrous even for those who seem to have all the answers.  But there is always a tomorrow that we must look forward to.  He thought he would be suffering a nervous breakdown.

There is always a tomorrow and that date came when his fourth spaceship launch was successful later that year.  That success lifted   the darkness from his life.  Soon thereafter NASA called with a Billion and a   half   dollar contract to provide space travel to the space station.  America saved him financially and emotionally.  Two days later Tesla’s investors decided to pour in more money.  Within three days both companies we saved.  The rockets have not failed since and have docked many times with   the   space station bringing   it supplies.  They are currently fitting the rockets with seats preparing   it for manned missions.  Space X is also researching a rocket that can be reused by landing on a column of flames.  His dream for Space X is to eventually bring humanity to Mars.

He spends 3 days a week at Space X and two days a week at Tesla.  Weekends are spent at home with his five boys from his first marriage and his 22 year old second wife.  They were engaged for only two weeks and then married. Tesla stock has gone up nearly 500% not based on the amount of cars he is selling today but based on the hope that Tesla will create a car at 1/3 the price of their current car.  The entire bottom of the car is consumed by a giant battery that keeps the car expensive. In order to bring costs down he is inventing a smaller battery. A new 5 Billion dollar factory was built to create more lithium ion batteries   in the United States. The manufacturing plant will be larger than all the other plants combined. This dreamer is not afraid to dream big.  Skeptics have  spent  a lot of money hoping he will fail.  Others seem to give him more money even when he fails.  All we know is that without dreamers we would never have anything new.  Without  new  things, our  economy would crumble..  It is good to know that America is still the land of opportunity   where  it   welcomes dreamers and opportunity is thriving .  What do you dream about?

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