Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Environmentalists talk about saving the country all the time.  They go global and talk about saving the earth.  But few of them talk about over- population.  Yes there are too many damn people in the world overtaking our natural resources, ruining land and creating urban wastelands.  Where did all the people go that used to live in Detroit that has become   130 acres of urban wasteland?  I’ve heard of survival   of the fittest but the human species is beyond survival, there are so many of us that we are changing the entire ecosystem of the world.

I just read a book called Countdown Our   Last   Best Hope for Our Future on Earth by Alan Weisman which goes in depth about the problem with overpopulation.  It is about time that environmentalists attacked humans as the major source of all our   environmental problems.  It is an uncomfortable topic because how do you tell someone that their   existence is ruining the world?  Ignorant humans are ruining   the world.  There is an old movie called Idiotrocracy staring   Maya Rudolph and Luke Wilson about the future where idiots   run ramped and run the world.  The more times I see this movie,   I see how all the antics   are   coming true.

It is the humans that created all the environmental nightmares.  We are responsible for the creation of things that protect our species.  Humans invented medication, sanitation pasteurization all in an effort for us to be able to live longer and be healthy enough to make even more babies.  When you fly over the country we can see vast   areas   of wide open spaces and for a moment you say to yourself, well there is plenty of room for people when in fact most of that land is being used as grain fields.  Now 40% of the earth is being used to feed one species,   our   own.

That is an imbalance with nature.  As a result we are pushing other   species   off   the planet into extinction. Americans are the worst offenders against the environment.  We consume most of nature’s resources.  There are about seven billion people living on earth today.  Only about a century ago there were two billion people on earth.  How many people can this planet sustain?  We reached the first 1,000,000,000 when all the medical discoveries went into effect in the 20Th century.  The population quadrupled   when we learned how to produce more food.  First by the creation of nitrogen fertilizer that helped make more food. Without nitrogen fertilizer 40% of us wouldn’t even be here.

However, we have learned that nitrogen fertilizer is also polluting our oceans and waterways and sterilizing our soils and all our crops are being force fed with all this chemistry. I   am   not suggesting that we kill off a few billion people   to create an ecological balance but in essence that is frankly what the earth needs. Even with our abundance   of food made for humans, there are about 16,000 children that die of starvation every day.  Believe it or not, the United Nations has   decided   that   Muslim countries have one   of the best family planning programs in history.  Iran   has now made birth control free and available to all its citizens.  They now also encourage women to stay in school, educate them to get jobs instead of being home raising children.

It is a known fact that educated people do not have a lot of children.  In the movie I mentioned, there are scenes where they describe the educated woman who spent all her time in school that by the time she decided to have children, the eggs were old and she wasn’t able to have children. The uneducated people were having large families and soon the earth was populated with all stupid people who did not know how to do anything and soon destroyed the earth.  It is obvious that we need a balance.  Education is the best contraceptive.  Educated people do not have a lot of kids.  What is even more interesting is that   educated people usually earn more money and can afford to pay to raise more children and ease the burden from welfare and food stamps and other child care subsidies.

The United States encourages procreation.  We give a tax credit if you have children.  We enjoyed the dysfunctional family the Duggars then proudly put their whole family of 19 children on display to all Americans as some sort of accomplishment in life.  Italy has one of the lowest birth rates on the planet because they had the highest level of female education on the planet with morel women with graduate degrees.  Now 60% of students in universities are women.  So we should see a downfall in the world population and a more educated population.  Hopefully education and birth control will solve the problem.  I personally think it is too much of a task to put on women alone but such is the case.

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