Monday, March 10, 2014

You have to have friends in this life to succeed anywhere these days. Years ago there were proficiency tests to pass and then the one with the highest grade got the job first. Someone took that idea to court and said it was discriminatory. Then everyone walked around with a resume. Yeah, that piece of paper that lists anything important you did in life. They say don’t include marriages or kids. I guess jobs don’t think they are important at all. Now everyone is scrambling for an internship paid or un- paid. The idea is to get your foot in the door of a company and then tap dance for them like a circus act and hopefully they will like the way you dance and give you a job.  There is a famous ordinary looking guy who is now a big star working alongside the handsomest and most famous actors and directors who got there by just having friends. Good important friends. We all need some friends like that.

Jonah Hill had an important role in the movie called Money Ball with Brad Pitt. If I looked like Jonah I wouldn’t go anywhere near Brad Pitt. But, Jonah has the confidence to be whoever he is and run with it. We should all have such self –respect. Jonah has played both side kick and star in the movies and has earned laughs for his comedic timing. He was just nominated for an Oscar this year too for being a serious actor in the movie that won best picture this year called The Wolf of Wall Street backed by Brad Pitt’s money as producer and directed by Martin Scorsese. Jonah is now one of the best in the entertainment field.

In this movie he plays a partner in crime in a story about a real life brokerage firm based in Long Island, New York that defrauded stockholders out of Millions of dollars. It is a rise and fall film where you see the repercussions for excess and treating people badly. Jonah plays alongside Leonardo DiCapprio in this film. The movie is about per suaveness and refusing to take no for an answer. The same   strategy Jonah has taken in life. He refuses to believe that he just can’t do anything he wants to do. He has had much luck in his life so far.
Dustin Hoffman Pictures: Hoffman
He is 30 years old and grew up in California where his father was an Accountant for the rock band Guns and Roses. So, he was born lucky too. Axil Rose didn’t exactly  go out partying with his Accountant but he knew people. Jonah knew he was a nerd from a nerdish family and used jokes to charm his muggers every time he got bullied. Often he would have the aggressive guys laughing and letting him go without a beating. Jonah eventually moved to New York and tried stand up comedy but wasn’t that successful. It was Dustin Hoffman, the father of a high school friend who gave him the connections to acting roles.

That connection got him a part in the movie I Heart Huckabee’s that led to the hit comedy, The 40 Year Old Virgin. He then became friends with that films writer and director Judd Appitat. He got another Oscar nomination for the film called Moneyball . Then came a film adaption of the TV show 21 Jump Street that he is already in the sequel called 22 Jump Street another hit for him. He has already branched out into writing and producing this one.  All of a sudden he is a leading man with a lot of options and can afford now to take his time choosing them.

He still worries about everything but doesn’t feel like he has to run out and look for a job. Jonah Hill has lots of friends now. If only we all could be as lucky in life as he is.

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