Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do you know what the F-35 is? No,, it is not a new vitamin or   new number in a Bingo game. In fact for the past 10 years you have been working so hard so the government can take a good percentage of your hard earned money in taxes to pay for the thing. When it comes to war and defenses, the guy with the biggest guns and the most bullets usually wins the battle. America is known for its   military might and no country even compares to the amount of weapons and the diversity of weapons we have. Most Americans don’t even know what the hell we are paying for in the new weapons department.

The F-35 is the Pentagon’s newest war plane and it’s most expensive weapons system ever.  We are spending nearly 400 Billion dollars to buy just 2,400 aircraft. That costs twice as much as it takes to put a man on the moon. I’m not sure why we had to do that but we did and were the first to do it. In fact, China recently put an   unmanned   craft on the moon. The only other country to go there was Russia. We don’t care about that anymore. We need the best airplane ever. This is the reality while the President and Congress are arguing about how to reduce the Federal Deficit. Sure cut programs to the poor and to the public but don’t cut spending a dime on the military’s[CS1]   newest toy. Shame on all the idiots we voted for.

What is even worse is that this plane is 7 years behind schedule and 163 Billion dollars over budget. Who the hell would continue to pay for something that has so many things wrong with it and pay for the repairs? At one point we all say,    ”I am not going to pay for your mistakes anymore.” The plane’s manufacturer is Lockheed Martin and we should bomb the company out of existance. They are building the planes in Fort Worth, Texas and costs $ 115 Million dollars each. I hope there are gold screws holding

The F-35 won’t even enter service until next year at the earliest. Eventually this plane is supposed to replace all jet fighters in the United States Military. The fighter has amazing capabilities including   dropping   short and landing vertically. It is a stealth aircraft to defy enemy radar. It has 24 Million lines of software code in it which turns it into a flying computer. That is what makes this plane such a big deal.  Alkyda   and   the   Taliban   pose no threats to the United States but China and Russia can be a threat. The Russian T-50 and China’s J-20 are more than a match for today’s   fighters.

They believe this aircraft will give an astounding advantage in combat because of its combination of stealth and information technology. We all know that the guy who shoots first has a great advantage in a fight. Well this plane can detect another plane approaching nearly 10 times faster than   existing   planes.  The technology can scan 360 degrees searching for threats and tell the pilot the altitude and speed of an approaching aircraft through the visor in the   helmet.  The helmet is custom fitted to each pilots’   head.  The helmet along with the computer system that makes it work costs more than a half Million dollars.

Ok so spend all the money on this stuff. But don’t tell me that on any given day that more than half of the planes are not operating for maintainers or repairs.  The bugs and glitches are astounding. They have a plane that is unknown and they 7 years later are still trying to get done what they paid the contractor to do. A number of defects were detected and restricted the plane from getting off the ground literally. Stupid stuff like the wing lights did not conform to FAA standards. Really? They don’t know the kind of lights approved for air flight? They found out that the tires were wearing out as much as 4 times faster than were expected. They did not create a tire durable enough to withstand the bounce of a vertical landing and the toughness to withstand a conventional landing.

Tires are not rocket science and for billions of bucks they should be able to put some tread on the things.
Lockeed Martin simply says that they recognize that, “the program has had developmental and costs challenges and are working to correct the challenges.” And we have to pay for them to fix their mistakes? I would say hell no to any auto mechanic I hired to deliver a great car, why not stand up to these thieves? Where are our Congressmen again? They are all frauds too. With about 35 planes per year coming off the assembly line, it seems   awfully late to be discovering such basic flaws.

Basic common   sense tells us all to test drive before we buy. With planes, they should not throw away old fashioned flight testing to computer plans and simulators. Fly before you buy. Make sure the design specks are   all there before you go into production and most of all pay no one in full up front. The government paid Lockheed first before anything was delivered. I say put all the bums in jail. Sue the Defense department on behalf of the taxpayers for Acquisition Malpractice. Why not? Who is representing us and the purchases our tax dollars pay for?

No project should be 7 years behind schedule and more than $160 Billion dollars over budget. To stop the bleeding the Defense Department poured an additional $4.6 Billion dollars into flight testing. What a nightmare that most Americans don’t even know exists.

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