Saturday, March 22, 2014

The future is here.  I just realized it when I happened to stumble along a few old movies.  Many of them were made in the 1980s, and they talked about the future.  Some of the movies  even mentioned the year 2015.  Oh well, we’re only a few months away from 2015.  The future is here.  According to movies like RoboCop and the Back to the Future series, we were supposed to have amazing things by now.  We need to get busy.  We only have a few months to produce all the cool stuff they showed in those movies.  Where are the flying cars?  Where are the gas pumping robots?

Go  see it for yourself.  Find the movie  called Back to the Future Two.  When a kid was about eight years old and they got to seen this movie in the theater, they actually believed that one day they can live in a world with all this cold stuff in 2015.  Our kids was so happy to look forward into the future that we didn’t have the heart to tell them it was just a movie.  I’m so old, I grew up watching the Jetsons and I thought that they were cool and as an adult I would be driving in the air over all the traffic.  I think about it when I am sitting in traffic.  But here we are in the future we should have learned our  lessons from the Jetsons era and this time made it all happen.

Why wouldn’t you want to grow up if you thought that when you grow up you could magically rehydrate a miniature pizza, pop it in the oven, and a regular size pizza appears?  Well,  we’re still waiting for that to happen to.  We did make some progress. Those TV glasses on the McFly’s look a lot like Goggles new glass project.  The electronic billboards at the valley look a lot like the flashy advertisements in Times Square in Manhattan.  However, I guess it is unlikely that we will get Hoverboard’s instead of skateboards, power laces on  our sneakers instead of still having to tie them.

I’m still grateful that I wasn’t born in the SCI Fi era that my parents had to be dealing with.  They had Flash Gordon as their futuristic idol.  Remember the spaceship was basically a clone with a sparkler stuck in the back as fuselage.  It only rotated in circles as well.  Like in George Orwell’s Book called  1984, please don’t date your fictional stories.  We use them as a guides for our lives.  We at least compare the predictions in the stories with our real lives and being something we should have.
It is hard to deal with the realization that the future that seems so wonderful and far off in these old movies that the time is already here.  In the eighties they predicted that we would have an actual RoboCop.  Well it is clear that the only progress that we’re going to make with that guy is just an updated fictional movie about another RoboCop.  I guess life never ends up how you imagine it.  If you cling  to firmly to an idea of what the future should be like, you are setting  yourself up for disappointment.

That is worth remembering in this world of predictions and betting on games and wondering what the stock market will do next.  The only thing to be learned is that there is no road map for life.  Doc said it best in the movie Back To The Future when he said, “roads.  Where we are going we won’t be needing any roads” that makes it all kind of religious now.  

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