Friday, March 21, 2014

She still looks like the   teenage girl next door who you   know likes to play piano and sing.  Kind of ordinary looking too.  But that is all OK  because she is sweet and a good role model for all women to say that it is OK to be ordinary.  Everyone loves what you do  and the honesty you talk about in your songs.  Her lyric says. “ Say  what you want to say, and let the words fall out,  honestly, I want to say you’ve been brave.” She is Sara Bareilles singing her  Grammy nominated song called Brave.  She might look sweet and her  voice sounds sweet but her songs are usually telling someone off.

Sara admits that she can’t tell somebody off to their face, but she sure can complain a lot in her songs.  She will tell you that she can swear like a sailor  in real life.  Be sassy and crass, but how is that any different from any other girl on the block? Another one of her lyrics says, “I’m not going to write to love song, because you asked for it, ‘cause you need one, “ which was from her 2007 hit song called Love Song.  It was written as a response to her record label.  The executives there was pressuring  her to write a love song.  It was her nasty song telling them not to tell her what to do and yet it turned out to be another big hit. 

Love Song turned out to be no joke.  It became the number one song of 2008 on billboards adult contemporary chart and earned her   another Grammy nomination  for song of the year.  Her newest album is called The Blest Unrest.  It has a nomination for album of the year.  That surprised many in the industry including Sara.  That album represents a hard time in her life.  She wrote it in the same year that she broke up with her boyfriend.  Why do break ups with boy friends give women songwriters like Sara and Adelle such inspiration for great songwriting?  She also parted  ways with her  band of 10 years.  That’s two major split ups  in one year.  She also moved from Los Angeles to New York.

She went through a lot of uncertainty about herself and decided she needed big changes in her new  life.  So she wrote  the song Brave.  Sara says the song Brave is about a gay  friend who was struggling to come out.  But when nurses and cancer patients at a Minnesota Hospital posted a video on line showing very sick kids  dancing to her song  Brave, well, it was a hit on You Tube and the song became an all purpose, face your fears anthem.  Sara loves it because the song seemed to have taken flight and have a life of its own.  It became bigger than she intended for it to be.  The song also created controversy  because three months later Kati Parry released her song called  Roar and she was accused of copying Sara’s song Brave.  The two songs do sound alike.

Perry’s song Roar actually helped Sara song Brave become even more popular.  So instead of it all brewing a fight, the two songwriters respected each other a little bit more.  Sara finds her inspiration for songwriting living near the canals of Venice in Los Angeles.  It is the place where she has spent six years of her life and has written many of her songs.  She loves it there because it is charming and different without having to go overseas like to Italy.  Sara grew up in the Northern California City of Eureka.  Her mom worked in a funeral home and her father was an insurance adjuster.  Sara taught herself how to play the piano.

She sang in in school plays throughout high school and went to college at UCLA.  Like Taylor Swift she began playing in local bars.  Then she met some guy is a band who call themselves Maroon 5.  Real nice.  The front man Adam Levine took her out on tour with him.  Now that is a lucky break!  She fully admits that those guys neatly changed her life.  She knows enough to be forever grateful to them for the exposure  they gave her and the  record contracts that soon followed.  Most of her songs are very personal.  I like a woman that puts her feelings out there.  She is too busy writing about what she wants to.  Sara has no time to write a love song just because somebody wants one.



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