Saturday, February 1, 2014

We need Women.  Yes, on one of the most manly macho days of the year, Super Bowl Sunday weekend, I decide to discuss woman’s rights and representation in America.  The nutty Republican men like Mike Huckabee say stupid stuff all the time.  HE  SAYS THAT WOMEN TAKE BIRTH CONTROL BECAUSE THEY CAN’T CONTROL THEIR LIBIDO. Really? Is the problem in America too many Horney women? If that is the case then where are they because I can’t find that kind of majority but that is just me I guess.

He went on to say, “Without Uncle Sugar buying them for them.” Now Men are supplying women with birth control pills? If anything I think that is the one thing women are pretty willing to supply for themselves to make sure they don’t have Uncle Sugar’s unwanted kids. He also said that Democrats make women feel helpless without the government providing women with birth control. I don’t remember Obama starting any speech asking where his pregnant nymphos are at.
When are Republicans going to get over women having sex and get back to their core values? Leave the vagina talk alone. Thankfully all the big mouthed Republicans who said stupid things during their election campaigns did not get elected. Guys like Todd Akin, Steve Pierce who said that a wife is to voluntarily submit. Representative Dick Black running for Congress in Virginia said that husband and wife rape is not possible. With all the problems in America these guys think it is necessary at all to discuss openly subjects that couples can resolve in their own bedrooms?

We need women running for Congressional seats like Carly  Fiorina the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who said let women talk about women’s issues and men should just stop talking about them. Yes women give birth, do the laundry, cooking and most of the child rearing and now run for Congress too. Sorry ladies. I know you have enough to do. It is also insulting to talk about women’s issues as if women do nothing else in society when women still make most of the decisions in a family about many issues other than their vagina. Women are not a special interest group they represent half the population and care about all issues.

Part of the problem is that we pay doctors when people are sick. How about we pay doctors who have healthy patients?  Incidentally the two states that legalized pot are facing each other in the SUPER Bowl where it is known that 50% of players prefer smoking pot to sooth their injuries sustained during the game to taking pain killers. We have 80 year old spokesman for pot use Willy Nelson as an American Icon for pot use that we all love. In fact with   Alcohol abuse there are 88 thousand deaths per year.  Prescription drug overdoses take 16,000 American lives per year yet there is not one recorded instance of a pot overdose.
Ok, sorry. Back to women in government. Out of 186 countries in the world, the United States ranks 90th in the percentage of women in government. That is pathetic. In this country when a woman runs for office it seems to all be about her womanness.  They talk about her hair and clothes and not about the issues she stands for. Comments that Republican men make about women is the reason why the Republican Party is shrinking.  They are anti-women. 75% of the people who are on minimum wages are women. If we had more women in Congress the minimum wage would be raised from the Federal Government. 40% of households where there are children are headed by women.

If there were more women in Congress there would be affordable quality childcare. If more women were in Congress there would not be a debate of whether your insurance company should cover contraception in the same way they cover Viagra. There needs to be more women but why don’t they run for office?  We need more women to run for political office in this country. It is the only way tom bring more balance to the discussion on all topics and keep the sexual issues in the homes where they belong. We need more women in political office like Governor Jennifer Granholm . The only way you will get compromise or some cooperation in Congress is to put a bunch of women in there. They have no time for unresolved problems. Put more women in the room and have their voices represented in this country.

IF THERE IS TO BE LEGISLATION ABOUT ABORTION AND BIRTH CONTROL WOMEN SHOULD BE THERE ON THE CONGRESSIONAL FLOOR VOTING ON THESE ISSUES. 92% OF THE Republican leadership in government are white men. Even if the votes on issues came from the states, there are only 5 women Governors now in America. Let’s have more people that look like America representing America.

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