Sunday, February 9, 2014

It is time for the Winter Olympics again but this time is different for Americans. We are being extra careful to prevent attacks to our athletes while competing in Russia. Our government has ordered aircraft carriers to be in the waters near the Olympics to be ready to rescue Americans in case of a terrorist attack. Our President has canceled plans to visit the Olympics this year. Russia is one of the 80 countries in the world that has outlawed homosexuality in their country. This year Americans have the most athletes in the Olympics except for Russia’s two more members of their teams.

winterolympics2014sochi-lrgRussians have always been a threat to Americans and they now dominate space exploration. With that comes new weapons from space. New laser beams that can stop a human heart from 30 feet away. It can destroy cities and maybe the cause of the tragedy of space craft blowing up after takeoff and the explanation of why the World Trade Towers did not slam to the ground. They turned to dust in midair.  Is it possible we should be afraid of some kind of death laser beam ray from space created from our own space exploration efforts in competition with Russia after all these years?

There can be a secret weapon out there which can be the deadliest of all.  The beam is like a microwave that can penetrate the surface of your skin and stimulate the central nervous system. It is hard to detect because it does not sound like a bullet taking off and no blood sprays out of your body. The new weapon has the capability to destroy matter. It can also be used as a protection around a city. Remember in the 1980’s when President Ronald Regan wanted to create his version of Star Wars which was a protective device that if missiles were shot at you we could destroy the missile in mid - flight before they ever reached the target. Very much like the weapon system we bought and created for Israel that is in operation right now to protect that city.
The general public never learned much about development of such a system but it is now believed that it does in fact exist as a top secret program. It all began from the inventing work of Nichola Tesla, in the 1920’s where he developed something called directed energy.  An energy beam powerful enough to destruct things. The device is small enough to kill one person and powerful enough to take out a city too.  We know Ronald Regan spent billions of dollars developing a weapons system but we never learned as a country if it was successful. The discussion kind of just went way. Tesla has been dead for a long time but there are experts in the field who have continued experimentation in the field. In fact laser technology is being used widespread in many industries from light beam pointers to completing major surgeries in hospitals.

Doctor Michael Pravica   of the Tesla Memorial Society, said that after Tesla died in 1943 the FBI took all his belongings and the contents of his home. The government has had his plans since the 1940’s. Tesla also invented the widespread use of hydroelectric power. Tesla had a vision of creating free energy for all people. He created energy you would not have to plug in so it would be free for all.  Well, investors did not like this idea because there would not be any money to be made from it so they tried to hide the plans.  There is a book called Pentagon Aliens   that claims that most UFOs are made by the government using this kind of silent power to move the weird vessels.

Go to the FBI’s website and they will claim that they do not have the plans for the Death Ray. Then why put a disclaimer on there at all? Why deny something? All modern day weaponry has Tesla methods written on it. Over the years all this mystery has opened a lot of questions. The space shuttle Challenger disintegrated shortly after liftoff, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry. Both were in the atmosphere, both within the range of a direct energy weapon. People have gone so far as to speculate that the Twin Tower disaster was a result of Regan’s Star Wars technology. 

There is electric magnetic energy out there being used for weapons.  When major buildings are reduced to twisted metal and ash within minutes and space craft disintegrate, there is something special making this happen. There is a book called Where Did The Towers Go? That explains the Hutchinson Effect of twisted steel in seconds as found in the Tower metal after the attack. Doctor Judy Wood is the author who has degrees in Civil Engineering, Physics and Engineering Science. In her book she explores that cars were on fire blocks away yet paper was not burned at the site. The amount of debris fallen did not equate to 110 stories of matter, Most of those buildings turned to ash immediately.

Let us hope that the Olympic Games are allowed to go on safely without the need for elaborate evacuation of Americans necessary. Let us hope that the continued space work of the Russians do not need to be used on individuals or cities. Advanced weaponry will always be explored but we hope that people will choose not to use them over any personal belief like the homosexuality issue that is dividing the world.

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