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This story should be the stuff found in fictional novels but no it is all true and the suspense of it all is so recent that the end of the story is still unfolding and is not over. It is about the law and about drugs in Baseball and bribes and lies. It all centers with the middleman who had the magic formula of performance enhancing drugs to make an athlete a superhero. So what if it was all against the rules of fair play in Baseball. We are Americans, screw everyone else and let me move forward. It has been the American mantra since we took over the land from the Indians when we arrived here.

The handsome Latino successful Baseball player is Alex Rodriguez who is considered one of the best Baseball players of all time is hit with the longest doping suspension in Baseball history. Yes after a   lengthy hearing, Major League’s Baseball Arbitration Judge took the Yankee third baseman out of the game for the entire next season of play. What makes this even more amazing is despite the fact that there is NO POSITIVE drug test for Rodriguez.  After the decision Rodrigues is still professing that he has never taken performance enhancing drugs e ver.

Details of the evidence come from Anthony Bosch the middleman who has been the secret doping go to man for professional athletes for a few years now. Once the feds got to Bosch, it was exposed that 12 other clients of his were all doping to increase their performance at their sport. They all accepted their penalties except for Rodrigues who had a lawsuit filed to appeal the decision. Bosh testified that Alex was taking testosterone, insulin growth factor 1, a human growth hormone and some different forms of peptides. All of them banned from sports and Alex knew it.

Bosch said that Alex became his client in 2010 along with other athletes for about 10 years as a side line to his anti-aging company called Biogenesis. On August 4, 2010 Alex hit his historic 600th home run in his quest to become the greatest homerun hitter of all time. Bosch said it was his drug combination that helped Alex become the powerhouse hitter. Ales even asked Bosch what was Manny Ramirez taking in 2008 when he nearly doubled his  homeruns?  Manny was Busch’s   client too. Manny Ramirez retired in 2011 after testing positive for doping.
Bosch gave Alex   special consideration to not repeat what happened to Manny. They watched everything in order to not be detected by tests for the substances in his blood stream.  They studied how long various drugs stayed in Alex’s body. Timing was critical so Alex would not test positive for drugs after a game. Bosch was getting paid $12 thousand dollars a month to even follow Alex around to take the necessary monitoring blood tests at various times of the day to check absorption of the stuff in the bloodstream. A list of 6 banned substances were found that Bosch was giving and monitoring regularly for Alex’s intake.  How do we know that? Well, the government paid Bosch $100,000 dollars for Bosch to admit his treatments to Alex Rodriguez.
The drug called Sublingual a Testererone Trace or lozenges which they called gummies, were taken in combination with growth hormones and all the other drugs.  He would take this 15 minutes before game time and by the end of the game it would not be detected in his bloodstream. Bosch said he did it to prove that his mad scientist formula works and it did. He never cared that they were breaking the rules of the game that everyone else followed honestly. He believed Alex should have cared more about the game not him.
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Bosch never graduated from a medical school and did not have a criminal record but was focused in his field of drug enhancing and did succeed in his magic formula with Alex being his pride and joy example specimen. Rodriguez was tested by baseball more than a dozen times around game time and all tests turned up  negative . He is very proud of that He gave Alex tips on ways to beat the test. Even in the urine tests Bosch advised to capture the urine in the middle of the stream because the metabolites could settle in the middle and the end of the urine sample. Wild  precautions that worked.

In 2012 in just one game Rodrigues was able to smash a 418 foot hit for a double play and drove in three runs too. So now it seems this is part of baseball and fairness among players don’t matter and the integrity of the game means nothing. Drugs is here to stay and just try to keep up with the wise guys like Bosch and Alex who selfishly just go for personal accolades in their endeavors and screw everyone else. Alex lost his appeal and during the arbitration Alex called his friend Bosch a criminal. Yes how the exposed then turn on each other like in a well written suspense novel.

The facts is that this is not fiction but a real upheaval in Baseball. It is now a contest between Major League Baseball and its richest player. The Commissioner of Baseball says it is more a battle to save the integrity of the game than a battle with Alex and a 211 game suspension is a fair sentence. I say legalize drugs and let all the bat swinging bastards take all the drugs they want till they all drop dead. The numbers have been so jaded lately that stats on a player don’t mean anything anymore anyway sadly.

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