Sunday, February 23, 2014

Please don’t call me a bully or a racist but I am a believer in celebrating the races and our differences as a people in general. Today for some reason I feel like paying tribute of sorts to natural redheads who some idiot said was becoming a dying breed of human. I recently found out that the statement is not a true one thankfully. There are plenty of redheads running ramped around the world happily.  I like redheads. From my redheaded cat to my red headed dog and people too. I find the color on living things quite interesting and pleasing. So shoot me till I bleed red too ugh.

Think of the most famous redheads that have touched your lives in the past and present. My favorite was Maureen O’Hara in those old John Wayne movies where she was a sexy Irish woman with a temper to match and only the rugged western American John Wayne could   control   her in his own sexy rugged way. He even took her over his knee and spanked her in one old movie. Fascinating but he would never get away with that type of treatment of any woman these days in the movies. Sigh, those were the days. Ok, back to the other famous redheaded women we all loved.

There is Lucille Ball, Rita Hayward, Nicole Kidman and Deborah Messing who all appeared on TV as redheads. Well, it turns out that none of them were natural redheads. Secretly I think it is every man’s dream to be able to take a hot redhead to bed just to see if they are also red down south too. Shush. Don’t tell anyone I just said that too. Sigh. Well authentic redheads should be seeing red that there are few famous natural red heads out there. I dare you to start your own experiment well, maybe not the take a woman to bed thing just to find out but have the nerve to go up to a redheaded person and ask them if they are all natural and the answer is probably no.

I hope you don’t find too many guys named Rusty either. There was   a guy   in Portland, Oregon who actually tried to assemble only natural redheads in a park to set a new Guinness World Record for the most natural redheads in one place. They keep records on that kind of stuff? The event did actually occur and was symbolic as a form of recognition of redheads in general. It was an odd sight since redheads only consume about 2% per cent of the world’s population. The meeting fostered a sense of solidarity, community and pride as all races should engage in.

A lot of redheads found that they also share the ability to burn in the shade on a cloudy day, yes very sensitive pale skin. They   could have even had a contest for who has the most freckles on their body. Now that should be a fun fact finding contest hmnnnnn.  Gosh I have become suddenly a dirty old man too.  A sun screen company was a strong supporter of the event. Red heads have issues with the names they have been called. Names like carrot top, or flame.

And asking, "Is that your NATURAL hair color, though? REALLY?"
We need to remember the distinguished red heads throughout the years like the God Thor or Shakespeare   or Thomas Jefferson or Vincent Van Gogh.  Ok there is also Bozo the Clown. Nevertheless, they were a;; pretty famous natural redheads. Give them credit where credit is due.  There were two redheaded Napoleons.  Bonaparte and Dynamite.  Read a history book and watch a movie if you need more information on those two men.

There is a Willy Nelson song called Redheaded Stranger you can listen to as you try to find one. At the redheaded festival for assembling the most natural redheads in one place attracted people who said they were happy about having their red hair. Eventually it was time to count heads for the Guinness record book. The ocean of orange swelled as cameras clicked but even with 1,207 redheads on one place at one time, they did not break the record of 1,255 redheaded people in one   place.

Records aren’t everything but feeling wanted and warm with someone who shares something with you even if they are a stranger means something. It is somehow comforting to fit in.  In the end it should be nice to be amongst your own kind whatever it is with pride and recognition. Celebrate the races don’t discriminate.  Stop calling someone you hate the redheaded step child.  Sigh. Ok stop the hate too.
A recent poll asked people,
What is your favorite hair color?

40% per cent said Brunette
25%per cent said Blond
17%per cent said Redhead
The rest could care less.

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