Monday, February 17, 2014

It is finally time to use those IMAX theaters properly. They do have some competition since everyone has already crammed into their homes the largest flat screen TV they could possibly fit into their homes for video pleasures. So why go anywhere to see a movie when you have a theater at home?  We used to leave the house to see the newest film out but now there are ways to get that fairly easily too.  So, why leave the house?  No one wants to see yet another nature movie at the IMAX anyway.
Like the rock band Metallica’s song, Nothing Else Matters well nothing else does matter anymore. It is about time they used those IMAX fabulous theaters for something we want to see like a great rock band in 3D blasting their great guitar riffs through a great sound system. Yes we can enjoy a rock concert for a change being able to see the band like we got front row seats and not have some high jerk falling on us. Hopefully they are not standing on their seats screaming and being high at a IMAX too.

It has been advertised as an IMAX #D event that you’ve never seen before and they are right. There aren’t too many things we haven’t seen before lately anyway and we haven’t seen rock concerts at the IMAX theater   before   . As if the world’s biggest heavy metal band wasn’t big enough we   need to see them on the biggest screen ever too. Yes, Americans are spoiled brats and we love it. The band knows it too so they even financed the whole IMAX project with their own money.

Metallica is already one of the most successful rock bands of all time. They have 8 Grammys, five straight number one albums and 110 million records sold. People already know their stuff. The lead singer and guitarist has a motto tattooed on his fingers that say riff life. He has spent much of his life playing guitar riffs with those fingers. Starting playing riffs with the band in 1981 was interesting since the other band mate thought his career would be tennis player like his father was.
The two band mates met through classified ads in the back of a magazine.     One took up playing guitar after his dad left the family while he was still a teenager. James was shy and American and Lars was aggressive and from Denmark but that is what you get when you seek band mates in classified ads. In his mind the tennis player from Denmark already thought he was a rock star. In 1986 while on tour in Sweden their bass player Cliff Burton was killed when the tour bus skidded off the road in a horrible accident. He was like a brother to them and they were not prepared to deal with the loss.

The band kept going and in 1991 the band was massive filling up areas that held thousands of fans.  The Black album sold more than 16 million copies. That made Metallica the biggest selling rock band of the 1990’s.They have a small store front in San Raphael, California where their headquarters are. There they have a small staff of 12 people that take care of their fan mail, the web site and the merchandise part of the business of rock band stuff while they rehearse in a room next door. Metallica has always tried to control their own stuff that is why in 2000 they filed a lawsuit against Napster, the website that allowed fans to download music for free.

15 years later Lars is still getting crap from fans for stopping them from getting free music. Then their new bass player left and it was all put on film in a Documentary called Some Kind of Monster.  That really made Lars look like crap to fans. The band at that time was so big that they were falling apart. The third bass player was introduced to the band when they were playing in prisons. Two years ago the band started its own Orion Music Festival. Thus past summer it was held in Detroit and brought hard core fans to the bankrupt city from all over the world.

After 32 years together James and Lars both turn 50 years old this year. They are both more  mellow and are just happy to still ride the fame train but this time not by going on tour all over the world but by staying home with their wives and kids and making their IMAX concert go on tour.

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