Monday, October 7, 2013

Where do old wrestlers go?  Well, not to great retirement homes with their fat pensions and great health care plans. No, because the wrestling federations offer their star players nothing once they get thrown out of the ring permanently. Many guys find their retirement years filled with pain, depression and addiction despite the fact that they were former professional wrestling stars.

So, is there life for these guys after wrestling?  Look at Dallas Page, Scott Hall and Jake Roberts who were all wrestling superstars at one time. Sadly about one in four guys are dead before they even reach retirement age.  These three guys found a way to survive.  Most of the other guys fall victim to over indulgence , addiction and pain.  For a long time too, Jake The Snake Roberts was well on his way to becoming a casualty to the wrong lifestyle after the rink.

At the height of his career he would terrorize his opponents by bringing live pythons into the rink but outside of the rink he says he was haunted by demons.  He was the son of a pro wrestler, raised by an alcoholic relative and sexually molested along the way. So, the man grows up being an angry person but yet scared of people hurting him.  The perfect person to be in the sport, if you can even call what they do a sport.  We all wish we can just beat the crap out of someone and just get away with it.  Even have strangers cheer us on instead of call the police.  That is what wrestling is.

Diamond Dallas Page Signature
Throughout his career Roberts was hooked on crack and booze.  Soon the money disappeared but the addiction stayed.  So, broke and alone he waited to die.  Then one day Diamond Dallas Page, another famous wrestler known for his flowing blond hair and his famous move to take a guy down, called the diamond cutter got in touch with Jake again.  Jake taught him everything he knew and told him to take control of his own destiny meanwhile Jake got very lost in his addictions with no control over anything,

It was with Jake’s motivation that Dallas became the oldest rookie wrestler at the age of 35. Soon Dallas got a crippling back problem.  He took to of all things Yoga to help ease the pain and it worked.  No self respecting wrestler would do yoga but with a mix of regular exercise and yoga moves, he noticed a significant change in his outlook on life and general health.  Now he is an inspirational yoga instructor.  His brand of yoga is not all that peaceful.  It is breathing exercises mixed in with wrestling moves and grunts.

He gives his classes for free but he charges $100 for his DOPYOGA dvd that is a hip, back and knees tutorial.  He knew that many wrestlers were in bad shape physically and mentally.  So he reached out to Jake and saw an overweight broken man.  Now Jake lost 60 pounds and stands with Dallas teaching the new brand of yoga.  They even put everything on film that looks like a reality show documenting the struggles and taunts Jake gets to keep him on track physically and mentally.

Now Jake is happy to wake up in the morning.  So, if it could save Jake, maybe this new Yoga could save other down and out wrestlers too.  Razor Ramon was one of the most legendary villains in wrestling whose real name is Scott Hall,  Twenty years later he is also barely alive after being in and out of rehab. 12 times with no lifestyle changes.  Pills and booze was his daily routine with vodka for breakfast.  It was worse when he was a successful wrestler as Razor Ramone meanwhile he was going through a divorce and his kids wouldn’t talk to him.  

Scott Hall Ready For MatchAnd so the odd couple became a trio and Hall has been sober ever since.  He teaches and does the new Yoga and also lost 50 pounds.  Do I have to be a wrestler first in order to benefit from this new kind of yoga?  I will do it if it helps keep off 50 pounds. They have sole 50 thousand videos at $100 each so they are slowly regaining their fortunes back.  This time fit and sober and free of addictions.

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