Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right now Americans are scrambling to sign up with a health care company so that they can go to a doctor somewhere when Obama care kicks in on October first. One of the good things is that our kids up to age 26 can still be covered under the family plan. Over the long run, the younger people will have to support the growing population of older sicker people. It might be such a burden on young working people that they might get so disgusted that they won’t want to even have a good job. It is still a mess and no one is really explaining the new rules to the general public. Every nightly news has completely different stories they focus on and everyone gets so much information from so many different sources that we don’t know anything.

What we do know is that the Republicans have voted the plan down over 30 times in the government. I guess they will never cooperate and back up their President. They claim to be so religious and so right but many of the sexual scandals have come from Republican lawmakers. Their whole philosophy does not even go with the teachings of Jesus Christ in his Bible. Jesus was a prophet who took care of the poor and destitute. So different from our rich Republicans who pass judgment on everyone. Why can’t everyone in this country have good health care?

We have laws in many states that have the death penalty. Jesus constantly spoke about not killing sinners even when the law said they deserve the death penalty. One of his Ten Commandments were, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” The guy never said forgive us our trespasses as we lethally inject those who trespass against us. The prayer says, “Forgive us our trespassers as we trespass against others.” He also never told you to hate other religions or secularists. Jesus never told you to hate women who chose to terminate pregnancies or liberals mostly because Jesus was a liberal.

He wrote that you need to forgive your enemies and love your neighbor as you love yourself. There are Republicans speaking continuously on the Senate floor still opposing health care for all. Jesus never called the poor lazy and never justified torture and never asked a leper for a co pay. We have seriously terminally ill people in our country that get turned down for health benefits when they need it the most. No, we don’t have leprosy but we do have aids, cancer and multiple scleroses which are still incurable diseases that many Americans suffer from. They need to be able to afford to take care of themselves.

Jesus never fought for tax cuts for the wealthy people from Nazareth The good Samaritan would have paid out of pocket for an unknown immigrants health care. The thing about freedom in this country is that you are allowed to hate. If you go around hating people, then those weekly visits to your church mean nothing because you have learned nothing from your Bible. If you claim to be an American Christian who goes around hating others then you suck at being a Christian and you suck at being an American who gives billions of tax dollars to help people all over the world.

Just last week the Congressional Republicans voted to not fund food stamps and then voted again to not fund and repeal Obama care. What they did do was pass a bill that funds the government if Obama repeals Obama care. It is the 41st time they have voted to repeal Obama care. Is that all our elected officials do to earn their pay? These actions are not governing our country, it is more like a drinking game as to see who can be more stubborn and take more shots of whiskey. The leader in this sick game now is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas who is speaking continuously on the Senate floor now. Yup. Let’s pick on the hungry poor who are ill. They are a real threat to America. NOT.

When Roosevelt implemented Social Security it took about 7 or 8 years to put the program in place before people were receiving their benefits. It will probably take a decade before Americans receive the benefits of health care but the bottom line is that it is the law of the land that people who have pre-existing conditions can’t be denied their health care and it is an enormous achievement in the humility of life. The life insurance companies should be ashamed. They only give you policies if they know you are in excellent health. Well, guys I need life insurance when I think I am going to die. Learn something from the humility of Obama care and care for your fellow citizen .




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