Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 If you were an animal what would you want to be? Ok It sounds crazy but many people do believe in reincarnation or that our body dies but our soul or personality lives on and just enters another living thing. Well, this is the story of the high paying job of a retired racehorse. It is a pay for sex industry that nets hundreds of thousands of dollars for the owners and that keeps the horse quite busy. The top horses get paid $150,000 per sex act.

There was a horse called Storm Cat who was the grandson of two of the finest stallions that ever ran, Secretariat and Northern Dancer. Storm Cat was an American Thoroughbred stallion whose breeding fee during the peak of his stud career was $500,000, one of the highest in the world, the highest being his Grand sire, the Canadian champion, Northern Dancer at $1,000,000 from 1984-1987. Back in the 1980’s Storm Cat was a good racehorse but not spectacular. He ran 8 times and won 4 times.

He became a great horse off the track and not on the track. This is a story about lots of sex for lots of money. When this horse wasn’t eating or sleeping he was having relations with some of the finest mares in America hoping to produce horses that will become big time champions. He was making at one time $500,000 per sperm deposit in a mare that produced a live foal. He did this at Overbrook Farms in Lexington Kentucky. He was euthanized at 30 years old on April 24, 2013. He was the leading sire and grade I winner.

His job was to breed two mares per day most of the days of the week . So every morning during the breeding season he would be brought to the shed and mount a mare, then repeat the process every afternoon. He was a professional because he could do the act within 5 or 10 seconds. In his entire racing career he only made $500,000 dollars. In retirement he was making that kind of money before you could say wham bam thank you Mame. Making a million dollars per day every day not having to run at all.

He wasnn’t making that kind of money all the time. When he started breeding his sperm was only worth $20,000 per sex act. His price went up because his first group of offspring ran well and were winning races like champions. So, his stud fee gradually went up in price. In the twenty years he was breeding he sired more than 14 hundred offspring that have brought in over $100 million dollars in winnings. His fee was so high because his sons also became successful sires and there is a succession of great racehorses being produced by his bloodlines.

It was not a simple process. Many times the mares would not be in great heat, not in the mood and would kick the stud off of her. The vetarians did not want to take the chance that he would be kicked in the you know what and be damaged so they even went a step further to bring in a different horse to get her very much in the mood. I kid you not!!!

There was a horse called Cooperstown who was worthless as a race horse but loved sex. His job was to flirt and nuzzle heads with the mare to see if she was in the mood for sex. They would be observed to make sure she was in heat. When she was ready, poor Cooperstown is led away and without her knowledge she is mounted by Storm Cat who was quick and quite effective. I can’t believe I can even write so much about this horses life.

Poor Cooperstown is literally left high and dry. If that isn’t bad enough, Cooperstown will be allowed to make a test jump on top of her to make sure she won’t be kicking. He is forced to wear a shield over his penis to make sure he doesn’t enter her. So for every hundred times a teaser like Cooperstown gets a mare excited he never gets to have sex with her ever.

Some stallions are not as effective as Storm Cat was. They would have to have sex over and over again in order to complete the act. The owners even videotape the sessions as evidence to make sure they earned their half million dollar stud fee. During his lifetime he had a armed guard watching him even in the field to make sure he was protected at all times.

It all just seemed to have been the most interesting life any living thing could have had. His purpose for two thirds of his lifetime was to eat, sleep and have sex and earn a million dollars a day having sex twice a day. Yes, for a change the female has to pay for sex not the male.  What more could anyone ever want from a life. Sigh.

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