Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ler Let's talk about Liberace who was a talented great entertainer and pianist. His career spanned four decades. Recently an HBO movie was made in his honor and all were happy that it resurrected Michael Douglas’s career after we all thought he would die from throat cancer. The movie came out to everyone’s disappointment because it hardly dwelled on the greatness that Liberace was as an entertainer.
Michael Douglas was too thin for the film and the film dwelled on mostly the struggles he faced at the time of keeping his gayness a secret. Really? Liberace was the most flamboyant flame of his time and never acted macho. What was even worse is that Matt Damon who is 42 years old had the nerve to play the part of Liberache’s 16 year old lover. Neither Michael or Matt is gay. Yes they are actors but can’t Hollywood ever find gay people to play gay people in movies?

What is most disturbing is Michael Douglas’s revelation that he probably got throat cancer from all the oral sex he has engaged in the past. For me, that is way too much personal life information and what about the feelings of his wife Catherine Zetta Jones? Now America needs to look at her and assume that her private parts give men cancer? Ok, if it isn’t her then she must go through the embarrassment that her much older husband has buried his face in many woman before her?

Is it even possible to get throat cancer from performing oral sex? Does that also mean you can get carpel tunnel syndrome from a hand job? (that was a joke) All of a sudden this is a sexual hot topic. A men’s health specialist is Doctor Steven Lamm who also wrote the book No Guts No Glory about men and their total wellness. Michael Douglas got HPV because he was performing cunnilingus on women. Doctor Lamm agrees that not only can it cause throat cancer, it can also be by the year 2020 the leading cause for oral pharyngeal back of the throat cancer.

Doctor Lamm is also the New York University Director of the Men’s Health Center. He has noticed that there has been a 70 % increase in the incidences of tumors in your tonsils and back of the throat and back of the tongue area. It is caused by the HPV virus which is the same virus that is linked with cervical cancer in women. It is a major deal because we used to only think of HPV caused by female illnesses. Now we are finding that for 15 to 30 years of having this virus in the back of your throat, men and women will develop a cancer just as a woman can develop it in her cervix.

This occurs from oral genital contact from normal behavior. Now I’m scared. What’s a guy to do? What needs to be done? Your female partner might not even know she is a carrier of the disease. In fact most people male and female early on will get HPV because it is the most common sexually transmitted disease especially if you have more than a few contacts. The likelihood of you getting it is almost 100%.

90% of the people get it but then it goes away like a cold. Ahhhh Relief. However a small percentage will retain it and keep it. Those are the ones who develop cervical cancer or may develop the oral cancer. A few years ago they came up with a vaccine they started giving to everyone starting at 11 to 12 year old girls. That enraged the Republicans and the religious rite folks who stopped much of the distribution meanwhile the vaccine worked very well at reducing the incidents of cancer. Yeah, young teens are doing oral sex too, get over it and allow the vaccine to be distributed widely. Be grateful we even have some sort of preventative solution to any cancer anywhere on your body.

Michael Douglas has done a service to all of us by bring the problem to everyone’s attention and we should all get the vaccine. I’m not so sure if his wife, Catherine is so happy about his confession. Did she give it to him or did all the women he ate out before her give him the cancer? What a personal subject!

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