Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is going on in the world when the bad boys are good and the good boys are bad? I’m talking about boys like former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, former Congressman Anthony Weiner and Governor Sanford to name just a few of the most famous supposedly good boys who did bad things. Then there is a guy like Dee Snyder who is the lead singer from the old rock group Twisted Sister who is a very good boy that had a bad boy image.

Dee Snider just published in paperback his book called Shut Up and Give Me the Mic. Boys like those politicians are more rock n role than Dee who has been in love and happily married for 38 years to the woman he met when she was 15 years old. Elliot has also been married for 38 years but he liked to dip his stick into prostitutes regularly as he lied about his faithfulness to his wife to everyone. So, who is the twisted one now?

It seems that all these guys are forgiven as long as eventually they all come clean about their in digressions. Sanford just won an election and is moving on to be a Congressman despite his affair and spending taxpayers money for travel and expenses to meet his soul mate by just walking away from his job to be with his mistress for 3 weeks. There seems to be a lot of unfaithfulness between husband and wife in politics where all these guys from President Clinton and Al Gore who is recently divorced openly get elected by touting their religious values and honesty. At least a rock star is honest about all their fooling around and are up front if they are like that.

Mrs. Gore even wanted Dee Snider’s albums banned because of the suggestive lyrics in his songs. Well, now years later Dee can say he is still married and none of his kids were arrested for possession of drugs meanwhile Al Gore is divorced and his kids were busted. The hypocrisy of it all is irritating. Little kids look up to their rock stars as well as their famous folks in politics. At least the rock star will always reveal their new woman as well as their rehab. The honesty just isn’t there in politics. Those men are always being exposed and reluctantly admitting to their wrong actions.

The band Twisted Sister would be considered gay or at least a cross dressing group by today’s standards because they all were guys wearing tight pants, big hair and makeup. Somehow the 70’s was a very forgiving era; even the politicians got away with their affairs because it wasn’t the style then to publicly expose anyone’s personal life other than traditional roles. Many family members cash in due to the famous one in their family. Today Suzette Snyder is opening a line of jewelry called Glitter Rings .com
Dee and Suzette have three children who one named Cody in Hollywood has directed a film in the Tribecca Film Festival that his other son wrote the script. So, many rock stars have siblings or relatives that also find themselves in the entertainment field in careers like Tylor’s daughter from Aerosmith. Look at the Kennedy's who always had another relative ready to run for political office. 
Even the traditional religious leaders seem to justify their in digressions as simply being a male thing. Pat Robinson of the 700 Club said to a woman who was complaining about her cheating husband, “Males have a tendency to wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make the home so wonderful that he won’t want to wander.” I guess it is not a sin anymore to commit adultery. He at least is beginning to admit that Darwin was right when it comes to creationism. He at least admits that the world was created long before the Bible was written.

Suzette thinks that all wives especially the wives of every cheating politician needs to view their husbands as their lovers and boyfriend not as the guy that is simply there all the time. Don’t be boring. Send him a sexual text, a photo of your breast; just do something to keep your marriage fresh. No one would look down on it if something frisky is done or sent from your spouse. Make her your wife and mistress and then maybe you will survive a career and a guilt free life.






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