Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I must be obsessed with this woman because here I am for the third time writing about her life and career yet again. On July 21, 2012 I introduced her to you because she is beautiful, an athlete and declared herself a virgin. February 22, 2013 I briefly reminded you that she is still making lots of endorsement money but still didn’t win an Olympic medal. Now I am here updating you about her career change now that she is thirty years old and still a virgin.

She is Lolo Jones the hurdler that failed to get any medals in the last two summer Olympics yet she is still rich and somewhat famous. She used to be practically naked running as fast as she could down a track but now she is fully clothed hiding under a helmet. She is still racing down a track but now at 85 miles per hour in a bobsled. She is now at the back handles of a sled racing to get the thing off to a quick start before climbing into the thing.

This athlete refuses to give up her Olympic ambitions by this past winter trying out for the Bobsled team. She admits that if she had won any medal during any Olympics, she would not be trying out for a spot on the Bobsled team. In 2008 she was in the lead for a Gold Medal but then sadly fell and tipped the last hurdle before the finish line in defeat. Her big comeback in the 2012 Olympics she fails to medal again by coming in forth place.

 When you fail at your dreams you have two options. You can quit or you can try harder. She chooses to try harder. She is used to hard days. I reported back in this blog in July of 2012 of how she and her four siblings grew up extremely poor in Iowa with her parents Laurie and James. Her father first taught Lolo how to run fast when she was only six years old but he was never around long enough to see her thrive. He was always going back to prison. She never knew her father was a hard criminal while growing up because her Mom sheltered the kids.

He was in for armed robbery, manslaughter and even beat his wife. Her mom did her best to keep the family together working odd jobs like cashier, maid and Walmart, anything to pay the bills. It was never enough money. When Lolo was 8 years old her Mom ran out of money and favors from friends and relatives. Desperate and homeless she brought her children to a Salvation Army in Des Moines, Iowa where they lived in a basement locker room. With no windows the five of them lived in a place the kids called the dungeon. Everyone did a good job of keeping it a secret so the kids wouldn’t be teased at school.

Despite her tough childhood Jones flourished in high school and became an honor student, played the cello and was one of the best track and field athletes in all of Iowa earning a college scholarship she desperately wanted. She became a star for her college LSU and entered the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and at that time was considered the best hurdler in the world favored to win Gold. Her loss at the Olympics did not frighten away sponsors as she is beautiful and was featured in lots of advertisements for many products.

In an interview she revealed the hardest thing she has ever done in her life which is to save her virginity for her husband someday. Well, things still went downhill. She still hasn’t met the man of her dreams and she lost the London Bronze medal by one tenth of a second. Now she is considered a media sensation with no real substance behind her fame. So, she has left track and moved on to of all things a winter sport of Bob Sledding.

Look for her in the 2014 Winter Olympics where she is the brakeman to push the sled for four seconds and jump in and there to pull the break at the end of the ride. What she brings to the team is her speed to get the sled going. So, after being a star now she is just one of the team in the sled. Her new sport helps her smile again and makes her feel needed and wanted. In Sam Moritz her team won the World championship. If she can do it again in 2014 she just might finally get her so very much desired medal. In August the members of the Olympic Team will be chosen.

So, that is the latest news about my favorite thirty year old virgin.

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