Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama is our cool president that does stuff for us that most of us don’t even know about. Recently he had his Navy Seals go into a dangerous area of the world and rescue an American woman being held hostage for money. She wasn’t an important head of state or anything she was and is a very happy rescued American. Obama never mentioned it to anyone to give himself credit like most politicians would have dove into the glow of recognition.

Read the book called The Rescue of Jessica Buehanan for a good suspense action real life adventure success story. It is the story about a secret mission by Seal Team Six that few people have heard about till the book was published. On a January night in 2012 these guys jumped from a plane into Somalia where Jessica was being held hostage. She was a humanitarian aid worker who volunteered to help children learn to read in the war torn country which is now to be considered one of the most dangerous places to be on earth.

Her ordeal ended in a flash of violence. She was protected because the American seal teem jumped on top of her body and protected her from bullets while they in a circle shot all the rebels trying to attack them. Her ordeal began 93 days earlier when her car was stopped by African bandits in a place she calls hell. She finds a child, one that she should be tutoring to read shouting at her with men pointing a AK47 rifle in her face. They are all hyped up from a plant there that makes them act like they are on speed.

She is kidnapped not understanding the language they are speaking and thought she was going to be raped and then killed. Being only 32 years old she never expects her life to end this way never having the opportunity to have children of her own. She was facing the end of her life seemingly at the end of the earth. Somalia is located on the farthest tip of Africa that is war torn and lawless. Gangs of men do whatever they want to who ever they want whenever they want. It is literally the survival of the fittest there. There is famine with children wandering homeless everywhere.

Jessica was with a Danish charity teaching children how to avoid land mines. She is kidnapped and forced to spend nights without shelter in the desert with little or no food offered to her. The bandits started at 45 Million dollars ransom somehow thinking she was pretty valuable or they just didn’t know how much money that was. They used her cell phone to tell someone their demands. To her great luck the bandits got in touch with her Nairobi office with a hostage negotiator as part of an emergency plan that was put in place on her phone.

Being treated like an animal with no shelter in the rain and in the sun she develops a painful infection. Her handlers only made sure that she was still alive. She called the boy crack baby because he was always high. Being just an aid worker she never expected the President of the United States to know her name and at the televised State of the union Address he leans in to Leon Panetta the Secretary of American Defense to tell him that he did a great successful job at rescuing her but never mentions it to the nation in his speech. He could have capitalized on that moment to pin medals on himself but didn’t.

To hear her name being called in the middle of a dark night by an American accent was profound. She is told that they are with the American military and that they are there to take her home. Being near death from a urinary tract infection causing extreme pain and pressure on her kidneys, she is told that she is safe. She never sees a face since it is dark and the men’s faces have masks on. Jessica is in awe not knowing how they even found her.

A man picks her up like a bride and effortlessly carries her and runs with her in his arms for several miles while other soldiers are running in a circle around them. She is given water , food and medication and additional clothes. At one point this group of men that have already risked their lives for her already asks her to lie down on the ground because they are concerned that there might be someone out there to kill them. They make a circle around her and then lie down on top of her to protect her. They stay that way until the helicopters arrive to whisk them away.

Our President is a rock star, a ninja worrier a quiet polite leader of all of us that takes care of us in his own way without much to do. Support him and band together and be grateful that we still are protected individually and collectively.

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