Sunday, June 23, 2013

He wants to cure all disease in the world and he has billions of dollars to
do it with. Most wealthy athletes and celebrities just waste their money on big homes, fast cars and hot women. They make their money rain in strip clubs until they run out of all their wealth. Bill Gates just wants to learn about stuff and save people. So, that is why I have written about him so often here. You already know him as being the founder of Microsoft who makes money every time the little windows program lights up on your computer. You may also know him as the long time richest man in the world.

He left Microsoft five years ago so that he could be giving his money away full time too. He is driven more than anyone to make the world a better place. He has the time , the brains and about 67 Billion dollars to spend in his fortune. He intends to accomplish much through new inventions. He vows to spend the next 20 years of his life trying to eradicate diseases. He even has a timeline. He wants to eliminate Polio by 2018, Tuberculosis within six or seven years. The tools to wipe out Malaria are being created now. It might take 15 or 20 years to get that one under control since people do not have proper sanitation. In some parts of the world people drink the same water they poop in.

 Bill wants to help what he calls the bottom 2 Billion people in the world. The one third of the world’s population that struggles to live on less than 2 dollars a day. The poor and hungry that lacks electricity or clean water. The most urgent goal is to help the millions of children under the age of five who die every year from preventable diseases. He is an amazing man who should be worshiped because no other man on earth has the money or the will power to want to be so very generous to the people of the world. Every world leader and government should be working side by side with him.

By seeking out new inventions he is able to make sure the much needed vaccines are accessible to these primitive areas of the world. He developed a machine that with only one bag of ice can keep vaccines cold for 50 days. It is like a giant Thermos that can hold vaccines for over 200 children and it does not require any battery or other energy source. The company he owns in Seattle is called Intellectual Adventures where he employs scientists. He is both an investor and an inventor. They created the thermos that included the same technology they use on spacecraft that protects the craft from extreme heat.

The toilet is so important but is not available everywhere due to no plumbing. He had a contest for inventors to design a toilet that would not require plumbing. There were over 20 types offered that involved burning or lazaring the waste product. He chose a design that is blue and on the bottom circulates the waste in water, filters it and recycles the water to work again. Over the next 4 years he expects enough of these machines to be available in remote areas to curb disease in water. Yes, Bill Gates is reinventing the toilet by making it portable and clean.

Bill Gates finds his motivation and inspiration from the Italian Artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci. In 1994 Bill Gates bought Leonardo’s 500 year old notebook for 30 Million Dollars at Auction. Bill recognizes that Leonardo had an understanding of science that was more advanced than anyone knew at his lifetime. Because of the price of the notebook it has now become the most valuable book in the world. For Bill Gates it is priceless and is almost a cheat sheet for his continuing ideas. They are both alike in that they are both inventors. Bill says, “ It is an inspiration that one person on their own with no real background kept pushing himself to realize that knowledge in itself is a beautiful thing.” In Bill’s office he lines his walls with books and DVD’s and courses on science, math and philosophy.

Anyone with a thirst for knowledge like Bill has must be great. It is ironic that Bill is a Harvard dropout but is constantly learning about all aspects of things in life. He is a constant traveler and avid reader. He will write notes all over the books he reads and when done will reveal his thoughts on his website Gatesnotes. He does not just read for pleasure. He intends to compile his thoughts and facts he learns to back ground breaking innovations.

Currently he is backing a Lazar designed to shoot down Malaria filled mosquitoes in mid-flight. He is most proud of his new kind of nuclear reactor that would burn depleted uranium making it cleaner , safer and cheaper than today’s reactor. Enough said. We should all be grateful that someone like bill Gates is even part of our lifetime.







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