Thursday, May 23, 2013

The summer is approaching and the heat is on. Time to shed the clothes and show off your bodies. At least feel the sun on your flesh look at flesh and experience sex not just hidden under a large comforter because it was so damn cold all winter. The question is what determines good sex? I know it is different for everyone and anyone could like a certain something more than something else in the bedroom but what is even the norm for a good sexual session?

I met a smart busy successful woman who by all accounts should be too tired for any sex since she works often 7 days a week 12 hours a day but it seems the drive and enthusiasm she brings to her business she also brings to the bedroom. Most people go at it till they orgasm and it is over. He immediately goes to sleep and she takes her bath. This woman can have multiple orgasms to the point of ten who knows even more in a intimate time and loving every minute of it. Is that normal? What is normal?

A new Glamour Magazine survey found that the majority of people spent 5 to 9 minutes on foreplay and as for sex, the average length is 10 to 15 minutes. Is that accurate to you? This captivating woman can and wants to be intimate for 2 hours every day and never ever tires of the experience. Many women say it is not the size that matters but the length. Length meaning longevity of the sexual experience. Someone tell me how long should foreplay last and what should it consist of. Take your time and be very descriptive hmnnnn.

Foreplay is a strange word anyway. Let’s call it all sex or the warm up part. There are a lot of ways to experience pleasure, orgasms or just ways to make your partner happy. Especially for women, the more aroused she is the better all kinds of sex feels. Many men just want to do it; feel their release , roll over and sleep. Do that and all you will do is make her hate you. Men must get to know the road she is on and don’t get off that exit till she is ready to make you get out of her car. Get it? Her vagina boys.

So how often should couples be having sex? Once a week? Twice a week? Or until she finally says get off of me already I am exhausted? Let’s just do it three times and get it out of the way already. No, it never should be a chore or something we always do on Saturday. If a couple is intimate and is interested in what the other has to say in normal conversation but combines the chatter with touching and caressing, that could be even more stimulating than the actual sexual act. He might even fall asleep in the middle of the sexual act because everything around it was so comforting. No, only a dork, jerk or self centered goof would get into that zone sigh.

Recently experts have said that sex is more of an emotional expression for men than previously thought. I agree. Sex for a man means a lot more than just getting off. It lets me know that you accept me, that you want me, you think I am attractive. So when a woman just says no to sex, men look like the roof just caved in on them. You must tell your man that when you do get in the mood for sex you will make it the best experience he will ever have and he will wait and wait and wait till his woman is ready.

According to a and Self Magazine survey 60% of married couples feel that financial fidelity is just as important as sexual fidelity. So, even with money matters, the trust has to be there. Don’t spend all his or her money and don’t spend any money with out your husband or wife knowing about it or your marriage is not a trusting marriage in or out of the bedroom.

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