Monday, April 22, 2013

Things , important changes have been happening in our government while we have been chasing our families hoping they are safe when we do outrageous things like send them to school or let them enjoy a beautiful sunny day participating or just watching and cheering a Marathon on to achievement. Yes, young men seem to be on a quest to kill innocent women and children simply because they can not deal with the demons going on in their head.

Religion is supposed to give us peace. We were supposed to go to our places of worship to get counseling from our religious leaders to help us through our emotional problems. Maybe frustration is relieved by polishing our guns and spraying bullets everywhere. Maybe there Is some justification for the senseless shootings or bombings. Our churches are empty. Young men are really non existent in churches. The Pope isn’t even in the church on the Holiest time of the Church year. He retired and let some new guy come in.
Do we really have to be worried about this Little Kim guy young punk ruling North Korea now too? Why is he even allowed to run a country? Has the world learned nothing from the Egyptians when they let their young kids rule and ruin Egypt? No, we can’t learn about the history of the world because we are too busy being in a lock down in our homes waiting for the bullets to run out outside our homes.
He said recently that the North Korean military has the go ahead to launch their missiles aimed at California. Let’s be clear Little Young Kim Punk, North Korea has the same ability to launch a strike against America as you and I do. It is like walking through a parking lot getting barked at by the Taco Bell dog left in a car. The weapons they would need to hit California do not exist. America spends three quarters of our budget on weapons. We have all the military power not them. Besides, George Bush is not in charge anymore here. We don’t go to war with places that don’t have weapons of mass destruction anymore. We did that for 10 years in Iraq. Little Bad Ass Kim is 29 years old and needs to shut up and sit down.
As we were running around seeing if our families were safe, things were crumbling for all you social conservatives in the news lately. A Federal Judge ruled that it is ok to sell the morning after pill lover the counter. This is very significant for all the conservatives who think that a 13 year old child should still give birth to an unwanted baby. Now girls of any age will be able to purchase a pill on the regular shelves of a store to help them get through their moral mistakes.
The Judge said he made this decision after hearing recommendations from the Federal Drug Administration but we all know he was probably watching Jerry Springer or some reality shows like Here Comes Honey Bo Boo. The Morning After Pill will probably be placed in stores near the condoms which is plan A the pill could be plan B and diapers well is plan gone wrong.
Other news we missed while running to get nails and other metal products out of our families legs was that there was a major poll that said that for the first time in America, majority support, 52% came out for the legalization of Pot. I guess most people are saying the hell with it all, lets just get mellow and then none of these issues will bother us. Give all those young angry men all the pot they want. Maybe even have another Woodstock concert too. At least we will know where all the young angry men are.
Finally, we missed in the Sandyhook chaos that two more Senators came out in support of Gay Marriages. It was Bill Nelson of Florida who got elected saying that Marriage was strictly between a man and a woman. We don’t know the details that made him change his philosophy on marriage. This means that we now have for the first time a Senate that is Majority pro-gay Marriage. This never happened before.

What does it mean for the rest of us? All I know is that with the young men killing our women and children, and the pill easily killing our un born children and then the gays marrying not being able to physically have their own children, there won’t be any next generation of Americans. God help America.

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