Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let’s call it the Non Assault Weapons Ban because they voted not to ban anything. Even after the Sandyhook parents were lined up with their dead kid’s pictures in their hands, some of the people voting ignored them. Polls have been taken that indicate that the majority of Americans want something changed in the weapons laws. Even Obama seemed visibly upset but as usual he never takes the causes he thinks about to the next level.
Senator Diane Feinstein has always led the cause to put restrictions on the availability and requirements for owning assault weapons. Harry Reid beat her with his cause to not change anything and he won the vote. I think too many people have died at the hands of assault weapons for this country not to change things. Allow the citizens to take a vote directly to decided not bloated paid off politicians deciding what I want. The Senate and Congress are not acting in the best interest of our innocent people.
After the Sandyhook killings , Obama sat right down and wrote an Executive Order to ban assault weapons. Unlike Presidents before him like Clinton and George Bush, he didn’t ban any specific weapons; so by being vague, opinions go around and then nothing gets banned. Look at the seat belt law. Yes, seat belts will not save everyone in a car accident but the use of seat belts will save enough people and will make a difference in saving lives.
Specific military types of weapons should have been mentioned to be banned that can only be used for one purpose that is to kill as many people as possible in the fastest amount of time. Mental issues need to be addressed, security issues as to how will you safe guard the weapon in your house, law enforcement issues should be explored. Does owing one of these things make you a deputy of the law?
What is wrong with just posing the question, Does anyone really need an assault weapon? Would we be a worse off country if citizens didn’t have guns that could shoot 30 or 50 rounds of ammunition per minute? There isn’t even a text book definition written anywhere of what an assault weapon is. It can be categorized by being just any long gun. We need National Legislation not that you can just go to another state and buy the gun there. Washington DC and Chicago have gun ban laws but the surrounding states don’t have laws in place.
It is very simple. Just write the legislation to say that you may not manufacture or sell or possess a gun that shoots more than X amount of rounds per 30 seconds. Then it doesn’t matter what you call the gun or how you make it , you just can’t have a gun that shoots that many rounds. But money talks and walks in this country. Too many people are making money from the manufacturing and selling of the guns. It is an industry that is fueled by drugs and illegal funds compounded by a powerful National Rifle Association to back up some sort of legitimacy for the guns. The innocent kids killed got no one on their side to protect them. Just a bunch of sad eyed parents holding up pictures.
The second Amendment was written 200 years ago to help people overthrow the government if necessary. I don’t believe that anyone of us is planning to overthrow the government anymore or anytime soon. Also, the weapons available 200 years ago needed ten minutes to put the gun powder in the barrel and push it up the thing. In 1776 a Musket was all that the government had to use. That gave someone plenty of time to at least get a head start to run away. So, it is time for us to reconsider the second Amendment and revise that. Should we be allowed to have a nuclear warhead in our backyard too just because our government has that?

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