Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He is up there among young important and ambitious guys of this generation of innovators like Steve Jobs of Apple products and Zukerberg of Facebook and Gates of Microsoft. He is Jack Dorsey who is an American web developer and businessman widely known as the creator of Twitter and as the founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company.
His name doesn’t resonate from our thoughts or lips because he does not make public appearances or statements often yet he is creator of a really useful networking tool called Twitter.His low profile has a lot to do with his quiet personality. He even describes himself as extraordinarily reserved and shy. Isn’t it quite ironic that a shy guy is the one responsible for the change in the way people communicate around the world.
He is now even considered to be the one person who has changed how we purchase goods around the world. His latest creation is a company called Square that will eliminate checks and most currency in the way we pay for things. Square is still a start up company but represents a new way of commerce. Jack already has his eye on the next job he wants as Mayor of New York City.
Why would a loner unassuming person like him want to be a servant of the city and be in a up front vocal job? He was a programmer and even Time magazine called him more of a nerd than Steve Jobs. Many believe that Jack Dorsey is the intellectual successor to Steve Jobs because he created the code for Twitter with messages that unlike e-mail can be read by anyone in the world. When he created Twitter seven years ago, Jack had no idea how big it would become that now 200 million people would be sending a billion Tweets every three days.
It has gained a distinction as an important communication device for free advertising and to spread messages quickly. It was used effectively during the Arab uprisings against their dictators. Twitter communication organized protests all over that region. A Congressman, Anthony Weiner, saw his job fade away because he decided to Tweet his wiener, his personal parts to various girlfriends. Twitter has become a marketing tool for Hollywood and big business to advertise what they are selling to their followers. A celebrity can determine how popular they are by knowing the amount of Twitter followers they have on their accounts.
Our President Tweets and our former Pope had a Twitter account. Pope Benedict ‘s last message publicly was through a Tweet. Jack is most proud of how the general public embraced his invention an actually use it many times on a daily basis. He loves that an ordinary person with a $5 cell phone can communicate instantly with someone rich and powerful. Jack Dorsey’s own inability to communicate easily was the main reason he was forced out of the company he founded. Steve Jobs was also forced out of Apple for a while.
Two and a half years later, new management at Twitter invited him back to help run the company. So, now he has two jobs one with Twitter and another with Square. He is doing things differently now. He does not have an office or a desk. He mingles with other employees he types on files everything having to do with the company including sensitive information about company goals and profits. He now makes himself available to talk to anyone. While Twitter is about messages, Square is all about money.
It allows anyone with a smart phone to become a merchant. The software is simple and easy. You get a white jack with a swiping area that plugs into your earphone jack. You type in the amount for the purchase and then you sign for a receipt electronically. Millions of small businesses are using this system now. Raising funds for political campaigns use it along side tag sales on people’s lawns.
People like to use Square because the fees are less than some credit cards charge. Business at Square is booming accelerating in three years from zero to 12 Billion dollars in annual transactions. His plan is to spread the use of Square internationally to Europe and Asia. Thank God for our young innovators and inventors from America that continue to prove globally that this country can and does produce the best for the world still.

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