Thursday, March 21, 2013

You cannot resist her full kissable lips that you know have not been contaminated with Botox because we have all seen them as she grew up on film from an innocent girl into a beautiful woman. She is Scarlett Johansson. Who else could play a 25 year old in a romantic lead at the age of only 17? Well, she did in the 2003 movie called Lost In Translation opposite Bill Murray.
Last summer we all saw her beating up the bad guys as the Black Widow in the movie the Avengers. It was a real career change for an actress who has been known as a Hollywood sex symbol. Now you can see her on Broadway where she is the main attraction to her show in which she also is receiving proceeds from the profits there. For about two and a half months she will be appearing at the Richard Rogers Theater. The 28 year old actress is taking on the dramatic role as Maggie in the Tennessee Williams Play Cat On A Hot Tim Roof.
I remember seeing the movie when I was a child staring Elizabeth Taylor in her Academy Award performance then. I didn’t understand it much; just that she was really upset a lot and was really mad most of the time. Kids remember that stuff. The part in the play is for a southern belle woman trying to hold onto her decaying marriage. I know a passionate woman like that going through the same problems.
Johanasson is only being paid $40 thousand per week for all that drama plus a percentage of the box office which means that the show needs to sell a lot of tickets. With her name on the sign out front the tickets are hard to find; the show is doing well. Who doesn’t want to see those full kissing lips up close and personal in a sexy dramatic live show? Ok, I know I sound creepy now. It is not her first appearance on Broadway. In 2010 she won a Tony Award for her performance in Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge.
Scarlett compares working on Broadway to childbirth. The Tony Award is like the beautiful child you get to keep but the 8 performances per week is like all the work during childbirth. You forget the pain until you have to go through it again. She is the product of her Mother who took her to many auditions since she was three years old. Her father was a Danish Architect while her mother managed her career. Her first work was in a off Broadway play called Sophistry when she was in the third grade.
She was just 9 years old when she acted in her first movie called North in 1994. She really got Hollywood’s attention when she played a teenage amputee in Robert Redford’s film The Horse Whisperer. By age 17 she landed her first adult role when she played a lonely 25 year old newlywed. Her job was to fall in love with an aging film star. Only six days after filming, she began her work on Girl With A Pearl Earring where she became a sexy actress.
Woody Allen then caught her and cast her in three films including Match point in 2005. She has that hot sexy scene where she makes love in a field in the rain. He described her as “sexually overwhelming.” It has been 2 years now after her brief marriage to the also hot and sexy man Ryan Reynolds has ended. Now she loves her latest success as being a super hero. Swill be reprising The black Widow in Marvel’s Captain America sequel. She is now looking for tougher more womanly parts. She knows her life is still in transition and we will be watching her juicy lips all the way wherever she goes.

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