Sunday, March 3, 2013

It is the holiest time of the year for Catholic people everywhere and our Pope has just said peace out as he was taken away from the Vatican. What if Jesus told God hey I’m not going to go to that Last Supper, forget that suffering and dying on the cross and no way to rising up from the dead. I will just quietly say peace out and hang out in some hidden palace somewhere and do nothing? As it is all Pope’s have to do is wave out a window, sit during most of a Mass and read a sermon. Is that so difficult?
Our religious leaders have failed us and the moral fabric has declined all over the world. You can’t find a Nun anywhere since they have been totally unsupported by the priests everywhere so, where do we respect women? A Nun was the ultimate respect of a holy woman figure to be respected and therefore respect all women. Disrespect for women have been practiced all over the world and from other religions as well.
Look at a country like Pakistan that has 18 Million men, only 20% has any kind of literacy level and their unemployment is between 30 and 40%. The women are treated badly by these ignorant fools. Malala was returning from school in Pakistan's northwestern Swat Valley in October when Taliban gunmen shot her, saying she had spoken out against the militant group and in favor of girls' education. She is just a young girl that wants to be educated and did not deserve to be shot in the head for that. The Taliban went further and blew up 170 girls schools in Pakistan.
These men are afraid of changing culture and one educated woman can change a lot there. In India recently a horrendous rape took place where 7 young men raped a girl on a bus and killed her. It aroused the population in saying where is our moral fiber anymore? Yes, it is a Hindu country but all religions should be promoting moral fiber. The Pope’s actions is a poor example of dedication to the entire world. Imagine the dedication a few Nuns would provide to the Papacy.


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