Saturday, March 2, 2013

He is handsome and still hot in the movies. He is Bradley Cooper and an eligible bachelor. He played the leader of a group of guys in the Hangover movies and has been a box office winner in many of his movies lately. In the movie Wedding Crashers he played a jerk. He played the romantic lead in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. He was recently voted People’s Magazine The Sexiest Man Alive. Ok, finally something not so great went for this guy. He just lost the Oscar for Best Actor this year to Daniel Day-Lewis but he did bring his mom to the event so that puts him back on top of the heap of the handsome great guy list of successful actors.
Yes he lost the Oscar but was the lead in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. He is now considered a serious actor by also being nominated for a Golden Glove Award given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Well, he didn’t win this one either. In fact his co-star Jennifer Lawrence won both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for her performance in the same movie. She couldn’t win with out someone to talk to and she talked and screamed at Bradley throughout the entire movie so, let’s give him some credit for her wins after all, I’m writing about him today.
In Silver Linings Playbook Cooper plays a by-polar former teacher. Very different role from his former movies where he mostly drank and partied and backtracked all his foolish stuff he did under the influence. In this movie he is released from a mental hospital and is returned back to his parents house in Philadelphia with a plan to put back his life together. He finds a friend in Jennifer Lawrence’s character who has emotional issues of her own.
Just like the character he played in the movie coming home to Philadelphia is easy since that is where he was born and raised. Having lived in the small town of Jenkintown, the only movie theater there is currently playing his movie. He grew up there to be over six feet tall and spent time with his Italian mother Gloria who was a stay at home mom. His sister Holly was older than him and his father was a Irish stock broker. After work, he would watch movies with his father and it was then that he decided that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up.
Since his father was an example of the successful American dream he thought he should be like him and applied to Georgetown University but was not accepted. A year later he re-applied and was accepted and studied English and French eventually graduating with honors. In 1999 while studying acting in New York, he landed a small part in Sex and the City which led to more and more offers including a part on Alias. He managed to get lost into the world of drugs and booze but put himself back together to do Wedding Crashers in 2005.
That movie made him a star but playing in The Hangover in 2009 made him rich. The Hangover and its sequel made over a Billion dollars worldwide. Part III comes out next May. He is still known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. He is sad because his father died last year from a long illness. No amount of his money was able to save the guy who gave him the inspiration to be an actor. He plans to keep this career and maybe someday he will win the awards for acting as well as make top dollar acting.

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