Monday, February 18, 2013

Yes the Valentines Day bills are coming in and you need to know the numbers. Yes we all love to celebrate this one because it is all good. Everyone is happy with whatever they get and are pleased that someone would care so much to give you something. But it is a industry and someone has to make all those chocolates and heart shaped boxes.
It is expected that we spent a lot of money this year on the heart. According to the National Retail Federation 60% of Americans will buy something for Valentine’s day. We will have spent a total of $18.6 Billion dollars on cards and gifts this year. A total of $10.5 Billion of it just for your significant other and nearly $3.8 Billion for other family members.
We even spent $850 Million on our pets. The average shopper spent $130. 97 on someone else which is more money than we spent last year. So, in a bad economy, we still find the money to spend on the people that make us the happiest even our pets. Guess it is some kind of psychological healing to express our love openly to others.
51% of us planned to give candy and 36.6% planned to give flowers that totals to about $1.9 Billion dollars. Even though only 19.7% gave jewelry, well jewelry is expensive. That totals to about $4.4 Billion dollars. Ok, so you didn’t even go near the jewelry department but 54.7% of you at least bought the card which still totals up to about $1.5 Billion dollars in cards alone.
So where did you even buy the gifts? Stores like Target and Wal*Mart did pretty good in sales to the tune of 39.6% of us buying stuff there. Meanwhile only 26.3% bought their gifts on line. I guess when it comes to the heart you really want to deliver and give the stuff yourself this way you will be sure to get that hug or kiss in return for your efforts.
So as you write the checks to pay for all that stuff you bought, at least be grateful they are taking away all those hearts and red everywhere and roses too. Who decided that a smelly gas station was a good place to buy roses anyway but men are lazy and did buy roses there too. Wait till you hear about the trend to express your love going around in Europe.
It is called the love padlock. In Prague, or Paris or Spain you will see locks closed on gates or just anywhere where lovers write their names on the padlocks and then throw away the key. Just look at the Brooklyn bridge or any monument near where you live, the trend has arrived in America. Locks are just locked anywhere. It is just a new way to declare your love for someone publicly. We used to carve initials in trees or on walls.
We should always know that meaningful love is not a one time pledge like a lock meaning that we will never be apart. Meaningful love isn’t constricting. It doesn’t chain you to one place. Mature love allows you to stretch and to grow at different rates and it is the choice to return to each other is the love with renewed appreciation and gratitude for each other. The wanting to be together again and again is the love.
Would you like to meet your first Valentine in person?
44% said they would look forward to it
25% said they would dread it
18% said the person is still their valentine

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