Tuesday, January 22, 2013

She has the sexiest voice I have ever heard and yet she is just an ordinary pretty girl that could be working anywhere. No, she has a style and talent that outshines anyone hardly ordinary. She waited till she saw the sun and she didn’t know why she didn’t come. Yes, those are the lyrics of Norah Jones’s hit back in 2002 Called Don’t Know Why. In her sultry voice she reminds you of the girl you knew who would walk the beaches at sunrise and sunset to capture that perfect view of the sun doing it’s thing everyday.
That album made her a recording star overnight. Another song starts, Sunrise, Sunrise, Looks Like Morning in Your Eyes and that song makes you want to go to a beach house looking over the ocean and just watch the morning in someone’s eyes. Let’s just say she is the Barry White for men who like beautiful women. Yet she has an innocence in her eyes perhaps because she has been quietly successful at a very young age.
She is one of the most popular singers of the past decade. Come Away With Me In The Night is the lyrics of another hit song. Who doesn’t secretly wish they could just get away with someone in the night? She sings of what many of us secretly think. She has not had to wait for her success. Now at 33 she has already sold more than 40 Million records and won 9 Grammy Awards.
Ten years ago her first album Come Away With Me made her an international star. It has become one of the best selling records of the decade. Come Away With Me and We’ll Kiss is what the song continues to say. On a Mountain Top. Most people don’t even know what she looks like. If you bumped into her on the street you might not even notice you hit her. This girl is no Justin Beaver or Taylor Swift that we all saw grow up before our eyes to get their fame. She did it all just on the merits and quality of her unique voice.
She followed with 2 more number one albums and has started to branch out by starring in the independent film, My Blueberry Nights that no one saw or even knows about. Unlike those two pop star kids I just mentioned, Justin and Taylor, Norah does everything in a quiet understated way. Wow, how refreshing is that? She has a big kissing scene with Jude Law and nobody noticed that either. She says that it wasn’t even scripted and they kept it in the movie. Wow!
On her latest album called Little Broken Hearts, in the song Miriam, she is the jilted singer thinking of murdering her rival. Well, I guess the innocence is gone by now and she has learned of broken hearts as we all have learned about that somewhere in our lives as we got older. She sings, I’m Gonna Smile Again When I Take Your Life. Wow! Who sings songs like that? She admits that it can be the dark side of anyone that would never say something like that aloud or do it.
Jones was raised in Texas and moved to New York when she was 20. She lives in a Brooklyn townhouse which she shares with her boyfriend. Her earliest musical influences was the music of Duke Ellington with his smooth jazz saxophone solos. She found work playing piano and would make $50 for playing 5 hours with no one listening. But then someone listened, and within a year the young 22 year old would sweep the Grammy Awards. Her name was called to receive awards from Aretha Franklyn, Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper and Bonnie Raitt all other famous talented female singer musicians. Norah Jones that night took home 5 Grammy’s for the songs she sang in that club that no one listened too.
The next day she was on the cover of the New york Post with an article showing her $1,400 per month apartment calling it the Humble Pas of a Grammy Queen. She had first signed with Blue Note Records and after her album sold a Million records she asked them to stop selling it because she felt too exposed. Of course they refused and it went on to sell 26 Million records.
Her father is Ravi Shankar the well known sitar player of the 70’s who was also a close friend of George Harrison of Beatles fame. He left her mother Sue Jones soon after Norah was born. She never talked to her father from 11- 18 years old. Then they reconnected and her parents talk now and she has finally met her half-sister too for the first time in her life.
It has taken awhile but Norah has made peace with her success. She plays guitar on her new album and on stage now too. You won’t find all the glitz and fire and flames and huge video screens and wild dancers around her at her concerts but you will be able to sit back and listen to the music. How refreshing at a concert. Sitting in your seat.

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