Sunday, December 2, 2012

It is the time of the year soon when we reflect on things. We look back on our year to take notes on what we have accomplished and on what goals we have failed to attain. A kind of take inventory of your mind. More often than not we haven’t reached all our goals and now it is December and we only have weeks to go before we start off with a new set of goals to attain, or at least list them again. That can be a depressing thought.
We did wait on line for hours to buy the latest Television in the middle of the night for a great sale price on Black Friday and it is already set up where we want to sit down and relax in front of it. That goal we managed to do real quick. People Magazine helped us reflect by compiling a list of the best television shows we parked our bottom to see throughout the years.
Shows like Modern Family, The Office, Friends, Seinfeld ,The Simpson’s over 60 years of television were offered to pollsters to decide what their favorite shows were. Now it is even easier to keep your favorites close by because every cable company offers a way of keeping and recording your favorite show week after week. Did you pick for your best show a comedy, drama, or a reality show? Maybe you watch a lot of TV and have a favorite in each category.
Some people call the list The Greatest TV of All Time. So People Magazine and ABC teamed up and asked dozens of TV’s actors, writers and producers to come up with a top ten list for each of a few categories. Then the list was put into an on-line survey where 5 choices were given in each category. Over a million votes were used to determine the list of your favorite shows. Since I am lazy today I will give you the number one show only chosen in each category. Something to do with my goals I never attained this year.
Let’s start with your chosen best comedy. It was a show about a zany redheaded housewife that was filmed in black and white. A show that most of you weren’t even born yet when it was originally shot but it still airs today 60 years after it’s first showing. Yes, it is ‘I Love Lucy.” She wanted to be together more with her Cuban husband so she insisted that he be in the show too. The occasional language barriers brought even more comic delight to the show. One of Lucy’s most memorable performances was when she was advertising for Vitameatavegamin Health drink. She read the script exactly as written but acted drunk as she was saying the dialogue, that was the funniest thing ever. And it was shot in only one take.
Who was your favorite TV Mom? From the birth of TV the family has been all over the tube. Moms were always the center of the family unit. She could be the size 16 Rosanne or the size 2 hot blond Mom of Modern Family. Your favorite TV Mom was Claire from the Cosby Show. Bill Cosby originally wanted the character to be bi-lingual. After he saw the look in Phylicia Rashad’s eyes, he cast her in the role. She was a new kind of Mom. She was the first black Mom to have it all. The husband, the kids, great looks and a career as a lawyer. Claire was around 25 years before our real life lookalike Michele Obama.
What was your best drama? There are medical shows and mysteries and science fiction and period dramas as well. How can you choose among great shows shot for different subject in different eras? That is why I hate to choose. I just like stuff. So, the number one drama chosen was ER. So, even a trip to the Emergency Room proved to be less painful when your doctor looked like George Clooney . Meanwhile there was more blood and chaos on that show than most other medical shows on TV. The show premiered in 1994 with a main cast of 6 who had to master the complex medical jargon in the script. Clooney went on to become a sex symbol superstar and a cultural icon. ER lasted for 15 seasons becoming the longest lasting medical show so far in TV history.
Who was your favorite non- human character on TV? There have been aliens and animals we followed on TV. Things like Miss Piggy to ALF the Alien Life Form to Spock who was only half human. Your favorite was the inter species lover of Miss Piggy, Kermit The Frog. His personality shined because he was a hero, a believer and humbled with his famous song, “it’s Not Easy Being Green.” Way back in 1955 Kermit made his first appearance with the assistance of Jim Hanson’s hand up his costume. He was a leading character on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. By 1980 he was famous. We grew up with him and our kids grew up with him too.
Who is your favorite TV host? Johnny Carson who was late night’s smoothest host. He was seen every weeknight for 30 years and was America’s bed time ritual. He became so influential in the entertainment industry that if you were luckily enough to be a guest on his show, you probably went onto a pretty good career yourself. Yes, TV had become more important to us than even our relatives because it turned out to be the best babysitter to us all at any age. Let’s see what’s on now.

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