Saturday, December 15, 2012

I couldn’t sleep well knowing that there were people trying to sleep too and couldn’t. They eventually went back to their homes without their babies. Who can sleep when your 5 year old hasn’t come home yet? We found out that the investigation isn’t over and that our babies are still in a pile of dead bodies covered in everyone’s dried blood.
This morning the bald CNN reporter from wherever who descended on the scene to inform the world said Newtown, Pennsylvania three times in the half hour I was watching the report. It happened in Connecticut. Makes me angry that there is so much laziness everywhere. Now so much tolerance. Good people are getting slapped all the time now with tragedy, high taxes, crime , domestic violence and now not even the respect to have their child back even if he or she is dead.
I went to the church service last night and stood for a while in the dark because a thousand people showed up and got no where near the church. Back to CNN I saw stunned annoyed faces on the faces of ordinary smart people that looked like they were being tortured by the shooting but by the boring sermon from the priest and another slap from the boring finely starched Governor Malloy who was equally boring and torturous on the poor people of that town.
Yes, they moved there to be unnoticed and to be boring. They did not move there to be noticed with cameras gloating at all the white people in church and being bored by so called public speakers that offer them nothing. These people want nothing. All they wanted is that what was theirs to begin with; their children.
Now their boring town will be forever known to be the place where the second worst school shooting in history took place. The number one place was Virginia Tech where a student at the college killed 33 people because he was mad at his professor over nothing really that important to merit all that innocent death.
Newtown, Connecticut was only known for the giant flagpole in the middle of town. If you didn’t notice the flagpole proudly displaying our flag, you probably drove through the place only noticing well kept charming white picketed fences or no fences at all.
The ass hole investigating team is looking over each piece of evidence for each victim in order to prepare themselves for the law suits that should be pouring in soon. Someone must be held accountable for the lack of security that allowed this guy to enter that building. But then no one was held accountable for the lack of security over Manhattan that allowed the 911 disaster and most of those innocent victims turned to dust. Not even them drying up in a pile in their own blood.
Finally, hopefully, the bodies will be moved to a morgue and the debate over gun control would be renewed. It is now known that the guns used in this crime was registered to the shooters Mom who had multiple guns registered in her name. At some point how many guns are too many? Laws should be changed so that only the police are allowed to own and carry weapons. They at least go through intensive training and physiological tests to try to insure their sanity and proficiency in shooting at a specific target and never to do random spraying of deadly bullets.  We also needto reopen mental institutions where the locks will be on the doors of their home and not on my home.  our children need the freedom to at least live their first twenty years without fear or worry from psychos.
What is worse is that the sign outside the school says welcome all to our school. I assume that sign will be taken down now. We always used to discount violent acts by saying well that person somehow asked for their problems. The crime took place in a remote area, he or she shouldn’t have been there. Or, it is urban violence, crimes always happen there or, they were argueing and emotions excellated into a full blown incident.
There is no excuse anymore because these shocking mass shootings are just that, shocking mass shootings.. Sadly they aren’t even shocking anymore, it has already been described as another mass shooting only this time not just directed at innocent people or college students. This time directed at innocent 5 year olds.
I think a fund should be set up for the families of these young children.  These families are not rich and most people do not take out life insurance policies out on their youngest of kids.  Funeral costs should be about ten thousand per child.  If Obama want to help people heal then he could sneeze about half a million dolars to cover the funeral costs for these families.  Better yet get the money out of the NRA lobbyists who think every nut job out there needs a personal gun.

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