Friday, December 14, 2012


I woke up to what I thought was going to be a good day. Then I heard the news all to loudly and clearly that in a small town with nothing but families and schools and soccer fields and pretty much nothing else but a nice quiet place to raise your kids had some coward who couldn’t deal with the demons in his head killed a classroom full of five year olds in a blast of gunfire.
Yeah, this 20 year old idiot was angry at his parents and wife or girlfriend, who knows probably killed his kid too we don’t know because the reports have been changing all day. What we do know is that there is a pile of 27 bodies dead in a small school for no reason at all. We do know that most random crime in America is done by young men ages 18-25.
Everyone is sad, the hell with the sadness we need rage and revenge on this trend in America. We used to say in the playground “touch my stuff and I will kill you” and nobody killed anybody. Now all you want to do is go to school or to a movie and some ass hole really does kill you. This has to stop and has to stop now.
We need all the mothers who suffered to give birth and nurture every child in the world to stop washing the clothes and cleaning toilets and preparing meals and wrestle the weapons out of every man’s hands and say stop. Take the trash out! And every baby boomer hippy to storm the streets and have a good old pot smoking Woodstock protest till every weapon is taken away from every cowards trigger finger.  Ironically our spokesman for peace John Lennon who wrote the song Imagine was shot by a gun and lost his life.
This week that 20 year old ass hole that is running North Korea almost took out California with a giant weapon. Someone fire a gun at his feet and he can hope his legs don’t get shot off like every good Veteran from any war can’t walk from some stupid weapon. We need to outlaw weapons from all over the world since humans are supposed to be at the top of the food chain in intelligence.
Animals kill for food and only kill what they can eat for survival and they don’t eat their own species. Humans cant wait to kill each other over some stupid dispute that could have been solved without violence. If we need the weapon than make every weapon available a tranquilizing gun. Sure, shoot at whoever you want, let them sleep awhile and then get up and do something constructive in the world.
Obama fix your trillions of dollars in debt by charging anyone that wants a gun 100% tax. If your gun cost $500 dollars then pay $500 a year to keep it. And all you religious nuts should have sequels to your religions. When Moses brought down the tablets from the mountain in the Old Testament of the Bible, they should have included thou shalt not have a gun. If you must kill do it with a knife from the power of your wrist or use a bow and arrow that you constructed out of twine ,sticks and feathers.
You Christians need a sequel to your New Testament. When Jesus saw all the junk being sold in front of his place of worship he threw them all out . We need the religious people to demand that all guns be collected and melted down to create safe strong places where our young innocent children can grow in a safe environment because there is no safe environment for our children anywhere on this earth.
All you wealthy cowardly lawmakers should run the NRA lobbyists, yes the National Rifle Association out of Washington out of our government by shooting at their heels too.
Every dollar from the tax on weapons should be spent on putting in every school in America the most sophisticated security systems that they have for themselves and give it to our children in our schools.
Our parents did their best to raise us and it is our duty to do our best to at least keep our kids alive while they are children. That means have the kids enter a school with a thumbprint scanner, don’t let any 20 year old angry guy have any access to a gun. Tax any family that chooses to abandon their children through divorce that has never solved anything for any family rich or poor.
Sure you think I am crazy now too. Yes, I am crazy hugging my child tonight eternally grateful that the lazy pain in the ass kid came home from his school tonight. That it is 2 weeks from the “most wonderful time of the year’ that the song boasts about and now all I can think about is the pile of 27 people mostly 5 year olds, beautiful once bright eyed children lying dead in their own blood because our lack of gun control laws allowed access to a coward that simply pressed his index finger firmly on a piece of metal.

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