Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where are we now as a nation and why are the guys in this race for the presidency having such close numbers? Can Americans be so divided in their views? It even reminds me of a Civil War mentality the liberal north vs. the rich southerner. The fact remains that even our wealthiest aren’t all that wealthy anymore. There is much more international wealth out there.
Where is George Bush anyway? Meanwhile our impeached President for sex in the White House is everywhere looking like a rock star at the convention. At least all Americans can agree that Bill Clinton had a balanced budget and it was pretty quiet in the Middle East while he was President.
Maybe the reason we haven’t seen George Bush for the last 3 years is because all Americans agree that he has been an embarrassment to this country in the past 8 years of his Presidency. We can blame our debt and our international Middle East wars on him. At least Obama should be saying, I can’t fix 8 years of horror in only 4 years, give me just a little more time like that song goes and he could probably sing that song good too.
Remember Bush left us with an unemployment rate going past 10% and a stock market falling through the floor and Obama did stop that from happening and turned things around since 2009 when things were much worse than now. Yes, we are not in full recovery but you should admit that the recession has stopped. The stock market was down to 6,500 and now it has recovered to over 13,500. Why can’t we give Obama credit for doubling then numbers in 3 years?
It reminds me of the old line, “Live like a Republican, vote like a Democrat.” According to Rana Foroohar an Economic Columnist for Time Magazine, she reminds us, “ That aside from the stock market gains, unemployment, had there not have been some stimulus, might have been above 12% rather than 8% and that represents real growth.”
So, we have to go back to the problem about manufacturing and lack of jobs in this country. The problem goes back to 40 years ago where after World War II America was giving our manufacturing to the Orient or anywhere reliable people were willing and able to make our inventions cheaply and efficiently. So, now the labor share of the pie is smaller than in decades not in just the last 3 years.

The typical Romney voter are the elderly, Veterans and the working poor, so should he be crapping on the very people that raised you, defended you and allowed the rich to have their great life?  It is an economic problem we have in America now. Nothing is trickling down. The CEO's are filthy rich and corporate profits are through the roof while the employees are part time workers with no benefits or temporary full time workers with no real pay or job security.

We have even labeled the problem as the shrinking middle class. When did it become a Republican Conservative Policy to make as much money as you can possibly make. Money you don’t even need? On the other hand, should someone who works very hard and does make lots of money be demeaned for their efforts to succeed and finally be wealthy?
The real demeaning thing in this country is that the definition of success is to be rich. Why aren’t we considering the high school teacher that works hard every day trying to spend 34 years of their life trying to be the best teacher for your kids making only 70K a year; is that not success? Or, what about the soldier that gets killed, he put his life on the line, should he be considered a looser for his efforts? He didn’t make any money and now he really can’t make any money cause he is friggin dead.
The notion that people that work hard get rich is wrong and just not true. There is only a very lucky percentage that reap great rewards for their efforts. Now, the majority of Americans are up at all hours of the day going to work and staying late at work and still not going home with bags of money overfilling their pockets at the end of their day. There are the greedy rich that were born into wealth and are too lazy to work so they are holding on to their bags of money as a floatation device to keep them above the choppy waters of drowning Americans.


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