Wednesday, October 17, 2012

She is back and we still love her. No doubt about it. Ok, bad reference. I am talking about Gwen Stefani from the band called No Doubt. “It’s funny how I found myself in love with you” she sings in the song It’s My life and that song is still so fresh. The song was a big hit then and now they are back with immediate new hits just like that. They were one of the break out bands of the 1990’s and has sold out more than 33 million albums world wide. So, how could we ever forget them?
After ruling the charts with monster hits like the song “Don’t Speak” and “It’s My Life” where she tears up a court room in her video, the band went almost a decade without releasing another song. Now the band is back. A new song is “Get In Line and Settle Down.” The lead female singer Gwen Stefani has reunited with the band mates and also recently released “Push and Shove” the name of their first album in 11 years.
She admits that the boys in the band rehearse more than she does. Now at age 42 she is still hot and a style icon. As well as being the lead singer and songwriter, she is a cover girl who has graced the covers of major magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. She is a fashion designer and most importantly a celebrity Mom. Wow what a woman!
In the past ten years she has been busy making her family, her two boys Kingston and Zuma. Most rock bands do nothing for 10 years because members die or are in constant rehab for addictions or just move on. At least she took the time off to create her family and focus on that in her most fertile years of her life. Yes, like all career Moms, it is chaotic times but good chaos, family chaos.
In fact since their last record, all four band members have married and become parents with 8 children now between them. Bass player Tony Kanal, drummer Adrian Young, and guitarist Tom Dumont all had kids recently which means touring ain’t like it used to be. Instead of late night partying, their group looks more like a family reunion filled with family, toys, books and lots of play time with children.
Tom admits that even while performing on stage he is thinking that he will be in another city tomorrow and wondering if there is a good zoo there to take the kids to visit. It is a long way from the California club scene that gave birth to the band. The band started in Anaheim in 1986. Gwen was a quiet Catholic school girl who just hung around her brother Eric’s band. He encouraged his sister to join the band.
Tony Kanal was just 16 when he joined the band as the bass player and soon became in charge of the band’s finances. Gwen was a sales clerk in a clothing store for older women and it was there staring at walls of polyester awful clothes that she started having an interest in fashion. They became a couple and dated for 7 years. It was their split in 1994 that changed everything for the band.
After the breakup she started to write lyrics to songs. Songs like “You and Me We Used To Be Together.” The hit song “Don’t Speak” the song about their break up spent 16 weeks at the top of the radio charts and made it to be the number one song in 20 countries. Boy, people must be breaking up everywhere. Did Adele copy this group by also writing highly successful songs about her breakup?
Their record “Tragic Kingdom” became one of the most successful albums of the decade selling 16 million copies but in 2004 the band decided to take a break . Kanal and Dumont played in other bands while Young played golf in professional tournaments. Who are these people? Most rockers take off to do more drugs partying and women. Who has families and become golf pros? These guys.
Stefani launched 3 clothing lines in the fashion world. Became the face of Loreal in TV commercials and also went out on a hugely successful solo singing career. She became one of the first white singing rap girls. She somehow maintained successfully many identities. Then she gets to marry Gavin Rossdale the handsome lead musician in the successful band Bush.
After all that, she confesses that the hardest job of all is being a mother. Moms think of their children for the rest of their lives. Now she is getting ready for the band’s new tour and no doubt the ‘No Doubt” band has become a family of their own.

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