Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now that they are debating, who do we choose? First lets see what we know about these guys. Well, they both think they are going to win the election. That’s it .The rest is just a blah blah drone like Lucy is on the Charlie Brown cartoons. With all their talking we know nothing. We don’t even care. All we care about at this point is, am I getting up to go to work today and will there be any digits left for me in the paycheck?. We are even afraid to call it my paycheck.
I will tell you what I have learned by topic so that you don’t tune out to my blah blah too.
Overview: Romney wants to change so many things you wonder how and if he can actually do it. Hey, I thought Obama was the change guy 4 years ago? Romney wants to reform Medicare and Social Security. A balanced budget and cuts in taxes. And I want someone to peal me grapes and feed me all day. We all dream.
Obama has had his foreign policy successes. He ended the war in Iraq, killed Bin Laden but at home his accomplishments are controversial, recovery is slow and high unemployment with a hostile Congress that just wont vote his way.
Flip Flops: Ten years ago Romney was running for Governor of Massachusetts and he was pro choice on abortion now he is against abortion except in cases of incest or rape. He also ridiculed signing a no new taxes pledge that now he has signed one.
Obama said he was going to close Guantanamo Bay that is still open and Military Tribunals were going to be ended but continue. He was once opposed to same sex marriage and now he favors same sex marriage.
Taxes: Romney wants the current rate less 20% for federal individual taxes however, taxes won’t go down much because he plans to limit deductions especially for rich people. For middle income people he wants a tax reduction by eliminating a tax on interest, dividends and capitol gains.
Obama’s taxes have been lower on families than they have been in the last 50 years. He has cut taxes on the middle class by an average of $3,600 dollars per typical family and has issued fewer regulations than Bush did in his first term in office.
Candidate Income: Last year Romney made on his investments about $20 Million dollars and paid 14% in Federal Taxes. The average American pays 35% of their income for taxes. Obama ‘s individual tax returns are private information protected by law from unauthorized individuals and groups as the President of the United States.
Budget: Romney wants to balance the budget without raising taxes. In order to do that he must have Trillions of dollars in budget cuts. He would cut Obama care, taking out Federal programs and letting the states worry about Medicaid, housing vouchers and food stamps, all stuff for the poor . He wants to cut back on the size of government itself while Social Security and Medicare consumes 1/3rd of the budget
Obama wants to balance the budget by spending cuts and do entitlement reforms. The National Debt has gone up 60% since he has been in office but went into office with the biggest deficit in American History. The 60% represents the consequence of 2 wars that wasn’t paid for and tax cuts that wasn’t paid for. A prescription plan that wasn’t paid for and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Medicare: Romney wants no change for current seniors.
Obama is cutting $716 Billion dollars from Medicare.
Social Security: Romney wants no change in Social Security.
Obama plans to strengthen Social Security and he is opposed to privatizing Social Security.
Unemployment: Romney points out that the last 43 months it has been above 8%, there is huge profits on Wall Street and wishes to address the problem.
Obama walked into a loss of 9 million jobs and he has created 4.6 million jobs and wishes to create more despite the Jobs Act he presented to Congress over a year ago that still hasn’t been passed. When he bailed out the auto industry he saved a million jobs. One in eight jobs in Ohio is dependant on the auto industry.
Foreign Policy: Romney wants troops back by 2014. Wants more communication with Egypt to ease the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East. Egypt is the center of the Arab world with 80 Million people.
Obama has the country on track to get our combat military forces out of Afghanistan by 2014. He is concentrating on making sure Iran can not create a nuclear bomb that can threaten Israel and kick in a nuclear arms race. He has already ended the War in Iraq, decimated Al Qaeda and killed Bin Laden
Experience: Romney has limited experience in Foreign Policy and no Military background and hardly speaks about both subjects. Was Governor of Massachusetts.
Obama before becoming the President of the United States served in the Illinois State Senate for eight years representing a liberal district in Chicago. He does not have any Military background.
The historian and author David McCullough wrote that great Presidents learn from the history of the office. Lets hope that these guys know their history and can learn how to get Americans out of their messes and lead more prosperous and better lives for their families in the future. He wrote extensively about the life of John Adams who was instrumental in writing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence who ironically was defeated in his re-election as President of the United States.

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