Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vagina is a New Biography by Naomi Wolf and for some reason it is considered a controversial topic when it is simply a name for a body part on women. Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown told the House Republicans that she was “flattered that they’re so interested in her vagina” but after that speech they let her know that they’re not flattered by her mouth and banned her from the floor.
The topic was about legislation involving women’s uterus's and vagina's in terms of reproductive rights and she was censored. Young women and protesters in Egypt are being dragged off required to be subjected to virginity testing. So, the bottom line seems to be saying if you want to control women, control their vagina's.
The book is about desire, arousal and female sexuality. There is incredible new science that hasn’t been reported on to update our understanding on female sexuality. Thirty percent of women now don’t want to have sex because it is not rewarding enough. Another 30% do not reach orgasm regularly and the reason is that men take 4 minutes to reach climax whereas women take about 15 minutes. The rest find sex exciting. Maybe it is because men’s junk hang outside their body so any contact can arouse a reaction where as women’s parts are hidden behind layers of lips.
Men’s arousal nerves are pretty simple with a simple nerve structure; add just a little friction and they are there whereas women are much more complicated. Women have a beautiful tangle of nerves throughout the pelvis therefore arousal can occur anywhere with stimulation from the clitoris, vaginal walls and even the anus. Women’s nerves are all over the place and every woman is different as to the place that when stimulated gives her the most pleasure.
So, don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want them to do because like every snowflake is different every woman is different too. You can’t do with one woman what worked with that other woman. The orgasms for women would happen faster and more frequently if they could teach their partners what they want where. Years ago there was the misconception that there was only a vaginal orgasm.
Sigmund Freud said, “Go with the vagina! “and other doctors said go with the clitoris. Studies have been performed that show that over 90% of women in lab conditions with strangers reached orgasm when there pleasure spots were reached. Most women are usually under interested in their partner anymore, or are too tired or just don’t want to take the time out for sex. There is actually a thing called a vaginal pulse meter to evaluate female orgasms in studies.
The same group of women in a brightly lit sterile room had just ok micro volts on the machine but the same group taken to a softly lit romantic room experienced 4 times the micro volts as in the sterile environment. Even non sexual stroking turned on the women. It is almost like a drug causing an amount of extra desire. Women’s arousal's are linked to the autonomic nervous system. The indicators are, does her heart rate go up, does she begin to flush or does she begin to sweat?
Then the natural lubrication begins and blood flow is increased to the area where the clitoris gets erect and the tissues of the labia fill up. What stops this wonderful process is stress in women. Psychological emotional stress is the killer to good sex in women. If she is upset at something at 7 in the morning, she will not be able to have good sex at 7 in the evening. She could will herself all she wants but her autonomic nervous system will not open up.
So, guys take out the trash in the morning, do not make her angry if you expect her to be totally into you at night. We all thought it was a choice but now studies prove that her body will close down over some stressful thing going on in her life. All the stresses of life in a partnership like her thoughts of you not pulling your weight around the house with child rearing or with chores can turn into being a turn off sexually.
If you can somehow be the hero like save her from the threats of a bat showing up in the patio umbrella and you save her and manage to get the thing to fly away, you instantly become her hero and all the wonderful desire will remain with her all day long. Do something to get her so very turned on. There is a section of the book that references this. Women are taught to measure their vaginal pulse which is a real thing.
When asked, what turned on women was not a sexual act. Their pulse went up when they saw their man trying to help the child to learn how to ride a bike or he took the time to put the music on and pour the wine. I know a woman who can get aroused by hiking or taking a picture of sunsets. Take her to Italy where the food, the wine and the relaxation will get her desire going. None of this is anything new but it is now scientifically proven to be a biological reaction in women.
All I know is that the erotic books, the three of them, in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” have broken records and are all number one on the New York Times bestseller List recently. I don’t think the men are buying this or even reading it. It shows that women are very much the sexual being with even more desire than men. You just have to set the mood. I learned a lot from this book and discussions about female sexuality should not be censored. Even the uptight religious leaders eventually come forward and admit to what they have done to achieve pleasure in their lives.

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