Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It is reported that Judge Judy makes 45 Million Dollars PER YEAR. That is Oprah kind of money. And who is she to be able to even earn that kind of dough? Could we be talking about that tiny woman who wears a lace collar on her judge robe and insults everyone she sets her eyes on? Someone that just has one show? Someone that conducts her court like it is a scolding session at a grade school? Making decisions in Family Court that determines settlements sometimes for mere hundreds of dollars maybe a few thousand? Sadly, yes, she is Judge Judith Sheindlin and instead of being reprimanded for her harsh behavior, society makes her the richest woman in America now.
She is the tough as nails terror of daytime TV. Just flip through the channels and it is no wait to witness her call someone an idiot or stupid or any derogatory personal attack word you can think of. Something like what your Mom would call you but even your Mom at her angriest wouldn’t call you names like she does and seemingly gets away with. I don’t think any other Judge anywhere would dare to treat people so disrespectfully but maybe that is her charm. She gets to get away with saying things we would only think of saying to someone but keep it in our thoughts.
When she is speaking, you better not. She will shout “Shut Up, Quiet” accompanied with a death stare. Who does that? Only Judge Judy. If she asks you “When were you arrested?” and you reply, “Which time?” be prepared to be fitted for a new ass hole. See, my friend Jen could use a Judge Judy in dealing with her dead beat husband Brandon who really needs a good harsh talking too especially when children are involved that could use a good start in their lives. For this reason America loves how she harshly reprimands people and in her own little way does make people reflect on if they could be a better person and at least step up to the plate and be forced by the little old lady judge to do the right thing.
She does not just play a tough Judge on TV. She was a tough Judge for 14 years in New York’s family court. She stands at only 5 feet 2 inches and most people hated her especially the people that had to stand before her. Most left her court saying ‘Bitch” under their breath. She came to Family Court not as a fresh face. Judy had a practice for 10 years before that. Born in Brooklyn, New York just like me she went to Law School but stopped practicing to be a stay at home Mom with her 2 children for a while and admits she was going crazy with all that baby talk. The kids would leave for school and she didn’t like watching soap operas.
Judy decided that the housewife thing is not what she studied 7 years for. Her job as a prosecutor led to the breakup of her first marriage. A few years later she met her current husband Jerry Sheindlin. They were married and raised her 2 and his 3 children together all under the age of 12. They now have 11 grandchildren. Eventually they both became Judges. She in Family Court he in Criminal Court. Being 2 judges he just wishes his objections were more sustained at home instead of overruled.
They divorced in 1990 for a year and then remarried and have been together ever since. It was just one of those divorces that didn’t work out. When Judy had the opportunity to shoot a TV pilot Jerry was all for it. When the show started the producers made the mistake of thinking they were in charge. Judy told them, “I have food in my fridge older than you. You are going to tell me how to be a successful person?” The show Judge Judy is now the number One syndicated show on television. That means it is being shown everywhere and at all times of the day. She even beat Oprah in her last 2 seasons.
The court cases she presides over are real pulled from dockets around the country. Both sides must agree to and abide to whatever the Judge rules. It is the show that pays the damages not the bickering parties. The parties are not actors. Judge Judy says that most of the people that agree to be on the show are involved in the emotion from the relationship that cause them to seek justice. She lives on a 13 acre spread in Connecticut in a beautiful mansion and is enjoying life as never before.

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