Thursday, September 6, 2012

It is not very believable watching the new Presidential hopeful's wives talking in their speeches about how poverty stricken they were when they first married. Both Obama and Romney were pretty much set in good positions career wise and being able to step into a pretty good job lined up. Obama was a lawyer a good career, Romney’s father was a successful businessman who was also interested in politics.
As I said before with both candidates being so wealthy, the gap between the wealthy and the poor is getting even larger. Where is Robin Hood when you need him? We need a modern day Robin Hood to finally take from the rich and spread America’s wealth among all citizens because corporate America is greedy and not even giving people jobs.
It is now reported that poverty in America has reached its highest level since 1965. That so many Americans remain poor should be the main concern of the candidates and it just isn’t.
Throughout American History there have been proud moments of Revolution that forced the elite to remove their blinders of greed , tyranny and domination as seen in the greed of the Colonists taking Indian land, tyranny when we ran the British out of the country and domination when we finally freed the slaves. America has made great strides in terms of freedom for all it’s citizens as in the Revolutionary War, the Women’s right to vote and in the Civil Rights quests for freedoms but now America has regressed and poverty is the new slavery.
The blinders of the wealthy in this country are firmly affixed and the necessary checks and balances have disappeared. My Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics taught me everything the opposite of what is going on in this country right now. My Masters Degree in Business has taught me everything the opposite that is going on in this country's business policies today. My Law Degree has taught me about the Constitution Laws that are constantly being challenged.
Loosing the proper checks and balances makes way for policies that coddle the wealthy while the persistent poor, the working poor and the new poor are ignored and treated as invisible. The fact that 1% of the nations wealthiest, our richest individuals control 42% of our countries wealth according to the University of California at Santa Cruz studies is a ridiculous shame in the wake of a recession.
According to Forbes magazine, the 400 wealthiest Americans from Warren Buffet to Jay Z have more than $1 Trillion Dollars in wealth. They each average $3.5 Billion Dollars per big shot in net worth. This is not the politics of envy but rather a cautionary story of how a country drifts so far away from the idea of fundamental fairness for its citizens that we end up a nation of the rich and the rest of us.
Poverty threatens our democracy. We have a democracy with a debt dilemma that the poor are not responsible for, yet they pay the price. Now there are nearly 150 Million poor or near poor in America according to a study by The Anneo E. Casey Foundation. These people are not responsible for the damage caused by the great recession. Nearly 1/3rd of the middle class, mostly families with children have now fallen into poverty. The magnitude of the great recession confirms that poverty is no longer a personal calamity it is rather a societal crisis.
The time is now to once regain or awaken American Democracy. How can we be the model government to the world if we are such a mess with sharing the nations wealth here. Our mess only makes socialism look much better. It is time to make rules and laws to stop the fleecing of America’s poor and share the wealth. Make a corporation’s profits give all their workers a bonus instead of using their hard working rewards just line the pockets of the big bosses in a company.
Poverty has effected our social, political and economic discourse. It is time to make poverty a priority. If there is no hope for the future, no incentive to try hard and work hard for a decent wage, there is no power in the present.

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