Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who will be Mitt’s running mate in the new election? They have been talking about Marco Rubio, the young junior Senator from Florida. Is it because he should be a heart beat from the Presidency or do we need to pull out of the hat a Hispanic? In the past election we needed a woman and settled on the black man. Is it time for a Hispanic? I sure hope that this is NOT the criteria used for electing people lately.
We need to know who this kid is. He is a rising star in the Republican party and Florida’s own Jeb Bush says that Rubio is the clear choice for Vice President even though with every interview Marco says he is not interested in the job. Well, plenty of other influential people have been mentioning him as a choice yet, he is only 41 years old and has been in the Senate for a mere 2 years. I s he qualified for the job?
Many conservatives and tea party folks have a new hero in this guy. He is personable and bilingual and could help broaden the Republican base upon Hispanic voters; after all, Obama has 96% of the Black vote. Are we really still in the racial divide so much that we just can’t look for the best candidate? We have to look for the racially correct person.? Whatever that means.
He is already called the Tea Party Senator. On abortion, he is pro life and believes that life begins at conception. He thinks that Obama care or also known as The Affordable Care Act should be repealed or replaced. He wants Entitlement Reform and believes that it is essential to save Medicare and is telling everyone that his Mom is on Medicare. This is a pretty conservative guy.
He spent most of his childhood in the heavily immigrant Cuban community in West Miami. He still lives there in a modest home with his wife Jeanette and his four young children. Rubio’s parents came to America from Cuba in 1956. The parents never had a good job here. His mother was a hotel maid, and K Mart stock clerk. His father struggled to find steady work his whole life working as a bartender and never realized his dream to be a business owner.
In high school and college Marco was more interested in football than in good grades. He says the only thing that stopped him from a football career was a lack of size, speed and talent. Yes, he tells jokes too. Finally he has realized the American Dream of all immigrant families that is to be successful in America. He buckled down and got his law degree.
Doing all the right things so far, he married his college sweetheart, and then he jumped into politics by winning a seat on the West Miami Commission. One of his early victories was to get trees on a street that was left bare. Is this presidential material already? He is a dreamer who thinks it will be just as easy to save Medicare, or balance the budget or even find a way to make our tax code normal.
He is moving up in the ranks fast by already serving in the Florida State House of Representative and becoming one of the youngest Speakers ever. He already has some questionable missteps to answer for. He claimed that his parents fled Cuba after Castro took over . False. He simply says that he wishes he remembers the date. Well then don’t talk about it buddy in your biography.
Then there were the questions about using a Florida State Republican credit card to pay for personal expenses like a $134 haircut. Did he go to the John Edwards beauty school of politics? He paid back the charges and simply said it was a careless mistake. The mishaps of another republican like Bush can not be allowed to put the American people’s lives on our shores in danger again with the excuse of simply a careless mistake excuse.
Then came the chance to run for the US Senate. Rubio ran against the popular Florida Governor Charlie Crist but he was behind in the money and in the polls. He was considering dropping out when his wife told him he can’t drop out . He stayed in the race portraying the Governor as being too liberal and flaunting a picture of the Governor embracing Obama as if the President of our country is a devil or something.
Rubio won. Now he spends all week in Washington and his wife and 4 kids in Florida. Yes, he is a weekend Dad. His religious beliefs have flip flopped from being raised Catholic, to being Mormon for 3 years , became Catholic and now take the kids to a Baptist church. Hey, Marco, we won't judge you just don’t judge us on your political ride.

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