Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He is handsome and single, a Grammy nominated recording artist, a stand up comedian, a voice actor , a good pianist, an executive producer 3 animated TV shows, has been successful in every single one of his endeavors. In 2009 he became TV’s highest paid producer with a 100 Million dollar three year deal for Fox’s prime time lineup. He is Seth MacFarlane.
Most importantly he enjoys everything he does. His 100 Million dollar shows for three years alone are American Dad, The Cleveland Show and the smash hit Family Guy. People have given up their nightly news shows during dinner for this offensive slop. It is rated TV 14 so not really a kids show. Seth describes it as “an animated program about a fictional Rhode Island family that uses the animation medium to satirize everything from pop culture to politics and is really out to make you laugh with sensibilities high and low.”
Seth voices three of the main characters, the dopey undependable Dad Peter Griffin, Brian the Griffin’s martini loving talking dog and Stewie the British accented baby that is set on killing his Mother. I don’t get the joke most of the time but millions of fans do get the joke, or are they just as dysfunctional as this family and just identify with them?
The series is based on his college thesis project at Rhode Island’s School of Design. He says he was influenced by Fox’s other animation hit, The Simpson’s that has been shown for about 2 decades now . Yes, that dysfunctional family was the inspiration for MacFarlane’s even worse family. Years ago we had greats like Bach to influence Mozart. What a decline society has to offer the next generations of kids now. It is bad enough that video games are the new exhibition at the Smithsonian.
He likes The Simpson’s because it is the first sitcom that he can remember where pop culture references are made on a daily basis. When we go through our day we do reference brand names a lot. An episode of Family Guy can feel like a meshing of pop culture suddenly making fun of a Star Trek episode and then in an instant a rapid fire reference to show business with a full song and Broadway type dance where the characters randomly break into song and dance.
The critics hate the show but the fans love it. Yet , Family Guy is the most popular scripted show with men 18 to 24 years old. Seth says that his brand of humor is not just for the boys, after all, fart jokes are laughed at by women too. He loves that there was never a joke that was too offensive to his Mother. She let him tell her whatever was on his mind and he did. There was anything goes at home but not in public. He grew up in a small town in Connecticut called Kent.
The Flintstone’s cartoon influenced his drawing techniques from as early as 7 years old. As a child, he was always drawing people and practicing the people in different action poses. At 9 years old he actually had a weekly comics strip called Walter Crouton & Friends that was published in his small town newspaper. Like any young professional, if you practice as a child chances are you have the confidence and expertise to continue into adulthood and be very successful at whatever you choose to do. Even if you make millions of dollars drawing offensive cartoons.
Who else could have had the confidence to sell his Family Guy idea to producers at the age of 23? Most 23 year olds are still scratching their heads after college trying to figure out what to do with their days. If after 10 seasons Seth is ready for the show to end he is not indicating that he is done yet. However, he is branching out.
He just wrote and directed his first feature film comedy called Ted that features Mark Walberg as a man talking to his teddy bear with the same crass humor he shows in his cartoons. Yes, Ted is no Winny The Pooh. Leave the youngsters home for this R rated movie.
Now he is so rich he can think of even other projects. Currently he is working on bringing back the old Cosmos science TV show originally presented by the popular scientist Carl Sagan. I hope there will not be fart jokes in outer space. Other than that, Seth has been seen around town dating some really cute actresses. This guy has a really good life. Learn from him.

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