Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where is our privacy anymore? Gone. Why isn’t there anyone saying stop? My business is my business . You have no right to judge me. What is worse is that a lot of our personal views are written somewhere to a person or on a chat room or through e-mails. We communicate in cyber space now so our thoughts are everywhere without our knowledge. Texting is the worst. You can instantly tell someone your feelings before you even know how you really feel and by then a thought or reaction can be everywhere.
My concern is that people are loosing their jobs because a picture is out there somewhere of you having a drink on vacation or you even express views contrary to your employer’s. Does anything you say or do justify loosing your livelihood just because you disagree? No, of course not but nevertheless people are being punished unlawfully and eventually just walking away from exhaustion not from agreeing with the issue.
Now the police are using devices that hover by your windows with cameras and lights to see what you are doing in the privacy of your home. No search warrant needed. They are called Drones. The police should be in trouble for spying on people. Say you are a teacher and need to get another job and you take one bartending. It just happens to be in a strip club. Pictures end up on Facebook or somewhere where you are being seen in photo’s with half naked strippers.
Before you know it, you are fired from your teaching job. You are an excellent teacher and have never mentioned or shown pictures to anyone. Suddenly you are under surveillance looking for evidence to see if you are a sex offender or an adult entertainer. What you did was stupid but it wasn’t illegal. The police did unreasonable search. What if she was naked? It was in the privacy of her own home. The teacher never even sent the pictures to any naked chatting site or anywhere. Her only recourse is to sue the police for the invasion of privacy. Who do you sue when it shows up in someone’s picture file on the internet?
It would be very tough to sue the school to take you back since they can fire anyone they want to with little or no justification even with a great teaching record and no complaints from any parents. Should your entire career be in jeopardy because of what you wish to do on your own time? These are ethical questions that need to be addressed in this cyber age. Micro Air Vehicle yes a MAV is being used by the police to gain evidence. The military uses them on a regular basis to scan dangerous areas before they deploy troops.
It is time for citizens to fight back. What is going on in many cases is a flat out violation of the 4th Amendment the warrantless search 101. The problem is that suing the police isn’t going to get her job back even though you can get damages. The judge can order the school to hire her back. The school was involved in a invasion of privacy. The question is, where can we even find the travel record of your words and photos as they are constantly being cut and pasted to anyone anywhere to multiple e-mails every day?
What is happenng is that courts are taking the obvious routes settling in chambers with judges to side with the children’s needs. Yes, their teacher should not be seen posing with naked strippers. Everyone silently goes away. The concern is that even more media gets involved and it becomes ever a bigger story and the teacher can never get another teaching job with that kind of publicity. The fact remains she was just trying to make some money , the police invaded her privacy and the school used it as evidence for termination.
You have to fight now. No more walking away on cyber issues. The expectation of privacy is all but dead in this country however, the ruling on the recent Ravi case of survalence on his roomate intimacy being available to be seen by all; proves that the taker of the pictures only got a slap on the hand and not a significant punishment for the invasion and sharing of privacy issues.
We have cameras on streert corners, in parking lots and in stores, elevators. Google Earth basically has the the world under survalience. We have over 100 Million people walking around with smart phone video cams. Life is rapidly becoming one You Tube moment. Ever since the War on Terror, people have been used to increased survaelience. Drones are just another make and model of snooping. We already had wiretaps, intercepting e-mails and monitoring of Facebook. Our trash is inspected and we are x-rayed at the airport and all of it has become routine and tolerated by people.

Maybe we shouldn’t care about a drone looking in the home of a potential sex offender. Maybe people don’t care anymore about The Bill of Rights when the government goes right into the privacy of your bedroom and spies on your private life. The fictional book by George Orwell 1984 suddenly is real. There are over 700,000 registered sex offenders in this country, there are hundreds of thousands of drug dealers selling drugs in schools. Send the drones on all of them. If safety is the issue and protection of our children, lets spy on everyone just in case someone is doing something wrong.
Our founding fathers cherished liberty more than safety. Our right to be free in our homes from unwarranted government searches the kind of freedom that seperates us from Syria and China or the Soviet Union and perhaps Arizona too. The kind of freedom that is associated with America. The idea that a judge would declare the 4th Ammemdment dead, is obcene. Please press in any way you can that our freedoms stay in place. The girl is still working on getting her job back but the drones are not being used for now.

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