Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obama’s HealthCare is like your Mom telling you, “I’m making you give to that charity! Now write the check!” The Supreme Court is your Mom here giving the government the green light to automatically take more money out of your pay check first before you even touch your money. Obama is a good guy, he can sing, kills all the terrorists and now tells us, “Let every American go to the doctor.” Ok! Ok! At least it is for a good cause.
The Supreme Court has upheld Obama care. He will be remembered for this. No other President in American history has told the taxpayers that they must pay a tax for health care. I just wish that government would get smaller and eliminate some of the things we already pay for instead always tap the only recourses people have left; our paychecks. In this economy, no one really has extra money lying around for a new expense.
You feel badly for the people who now have to see their pensions, the money they receive for retirement decrease again. Didn’t Madoff and Wall street do enough damage to their money supply already? I would have preferred if the Supreme Court ruled that the big profit and wealthy CEO’s contribute to an health care plan for all citizens. Give a complementary doctor’s visit if you have 10 fill the tank ups at the gas station!
Then there are the abusers already lined up. I should take up smoking and drinking ; just sign up for a new lung and liver; it’s free! The Republicans and the Tea Party are furious because now it is a slippery slope to taxpayers paying for dental care too. The whole system is still a mess. Why do we need 3,300 health care lobbyists in Washington? Yup, the vultures are all lined up to taste some of that money.
People who are relatively healthy who take care of themselves are not going to be settled with this idea because they do not benefit from this decision. It is the people on Medicare that will get the most out of this plan. They are old people, disabled people, poor people, soldiers and government officials themselves; most who don’t pay taxes anyway. We might as well say that anyone who is not in one of those categories are being discriminated against. The poor slob with a lousy paycheck even smaller now because a new health tax is automatically being deducted from the paycheck.
A civilian non old non disabled person is screwed and is being discriminated against. We should be learning from Canada which has the best system in the world. A single payer private provider which has the lowest costs with the highest outcome. There are states like Vermont and Montana who are still pushing single payer. The Affordable Health Care Act is not universal health care. It only provides for 30 Million people with an estimated 50 Million people out there uninsured. So, at the end of the day we still have a huge gap.
Remember most Americans already have health care and are pretty comfortable with what they have. The cost controls are not fully established in what they just voted on.
When is someone going to address the problem that a box of tissues at the hospital costs $28 dollars? Everything health related really needs to be reevaluated. Where does the 80 cent box of tissues profit money even go? Well if you look at health care companies, they all are making big profits. You can’t even watch a TV show without some drug company suggesting you ask your doctor for some new drug.
What health care companies call increasing market share and increasing profits is the reason that health care costs represent 18% of our gross domestic product. The problem with this bill isn’t capitalism, but socialism. Ultimately, it is not over. The loop hole is that there is a Medicaid provision.
The provision allows states to now OPT OUT. There are 26 Republican states that precipitated this law suit and this decision. This is still a major issue even in some Democratic states. There is a lot yet to be written about this and is going to be a challenge in terms of it’s implementation. This is more about politics than caring about anyone.
Remember the Supreme Court does NOT have the power to tax or spend. All it’s power is in the ability to decide the best argument presented before them. In 1980 the Supreme Court’s approval rating was 60% now it is down to 30%. The American people don’t even like it’s highest court. Honey get some sugary soda and high fat burgers and lets just get out heart attacks and forget this mess. Burp!

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