Monday, May 28, 2012

Today, go find a Veteran. You don’t need the hot dog, the stuff in that really isn’t good for you so forget the cook out. Don’t go shopping for a Memorial Day sale, you have enough stuff anyway. Keep away from the beach, the sun is not good for your skin. Yes, at least take a meditative moment to remember a friend or relative who actually died in a stupid war.
Should we be spending this holiday weekend having fun? Yes, because that is what all those American soldiers died for. Yes, our freedom to even decide how we want to spend our free time. As usual the highly publicized free market has us thinking that Memorial Day means special sales in the store, our first beach visit of the season and eating charred animal parts or products outside on a barbeque grill. Ok, all that is fun but it should not be what this weekend is all about.
Paying taxes should not be our only obligation to our Country. Perhaps we should get a tax reduction if we do something to help a Veteran from a war to make their life better. The young beautiful men and women go anywhere willing and able to do whatever needs to get done to stop the advancement of danger to our shores. The very least we all can do for them is to step out of their way and let them pass first in line for anything they want in life.
The conflicts in the Middle East has take a toll on our soldiers. Many are missing body parts, many have loss of hearing as a result of a bomb going off nearby, many suffer from relapsing the still vivid horrific memories of a scene that constantly is replayed in their mind. Many wish they died there rather than have to live a less than complete life. So, now they need us . The lazy American that thinks Memorial Day weekend is all about shopping, cookouts and the beach.
They need us to make them feel welcomed back home and still wanted and needed here. Most soldiers now volunteer to sign up for redeployment because there is their life. They have no life in the states anymore. Here they are unemployed and penniless and no one really cares or needs them. There they were rock stars with a uniform to prove it. The civilians there worshiped them and welcomed them into their homes and were appreciative that there was a handsome or beautiful American soldier in front of their crappy home to protect them.
Our government rewards our ever giving soldiers with medals to be saved in a drawer or especially to the families that never get to see their loved ones again, the flag that was draped over their coffin as they return home dead and horizontal instead of alive and vertical. The ass holes that we vote into our government should be partly held accountable for letting war even be a option to solving anything. I want to remember someone I know fondly for dying after living a good life not from dying from something that could have been resolved in a more reasonable way. War is stupid and should be abolished.
Bring back the mental institutions world wide and place the names on the room doors for any insane leader or dictator to go to if they even hint at killing any of their countries citizens in a war. Have Mothers run countries. They value life. They suffer to give life. Men just have evenings of sloppy sex to give life. Men are clueless to even the sensations that women have in their breasts and the urge to provide food and warmth to children just from a suckle on their breast and a warm embrace.
The brute strength and the desire for competition that men feel should be used to provide the safest housing for their families anywhere in the world and be the most productive providers for their families. Not one ounce of energy should be spent deliberately to harm or hurt another living person anywhere around the world. It should only be a collaborative effort to save our wonderful natural resources and to improve the quality of life for all. Period.
So, this Memorial Day, today, let it be just that. Do whatever you can to keep war and angst a memory. We all are an influence to someone everywhere. Use your power to be an example to someone in a good and productive way. Vote for the peaceful leaders, care for a veteran, promote problem solving instead of revenge. Wars that gave us dead bodies to remember should be just a memory never to happen again.

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