Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ok ladies, it is time to get into the sport of Hockey because Henrik Lundqvist is “The Sexiest Iceman.“ So, follow him because he is arguably the best goalie in the world? No, because he is handsome. He is the star goal tender for the New York Rangers who is the best player on one of the leagues best teams this past season. He was the leading candidate to win the National Hockey League’s Most Valuable Player Award as well as the trophy which is awarded to the leagues best goal tender. He also has the look of a movie star and the wardrobe of a male model.
Did I mention that he is a pretty good guitarist and plays regularly in a band called The Noise Upstairs around Manhattan with old John McEnroe the tennis icon who now is an announcer and commentator for tennis matches? What a great life. He jams on his off nights playing for benefit concerts. His music is about having fun but the hockey he takes more seriously because it is all about winning.
This year more than any other , Henrik has done a lot of winning. This season the 7 year player had his best season. He was among the NHL’s best in goals against and in save percentage to add to a League leading 8 shut outs. Lundqvist has been so good that he had some opponents begging for a goal out on the ice. He has been the Rangers most valuable player for 5 years now.
John Tortorella guided Tampa Bay to a Championship in 2004 and is now in his 4th year as the head coach of the New York Rangers. The coach says that Hank is the backbone of their club and is the basis of the teams confidence. Ultimately who cares? There have been great players in all sports. We care because not only is his record great, for a hockey player, he is incredibly handsome, for a hockey player that usually looses most of his front teeth by the age of 25 years old.
He made a place on People Magazine’s 100 of the Most Beautiful People list in America. His identical twin brother didn’t make the list. He says, it is what it is, he can’t do anything about his looks. So, not only does he still have his teeth, he is also on the Men’s Best Dressed List. What hockey player is comfortable in a suit? He is. He wears a suit probably 4 to 5 days a week and he doesn’t have to. He is a hockey player!
Well, like all the Basketball stars, hockey players have been wearing suits when they travel but he likes his suits tailored and tight and loves to drive his Maserati. He is the one sports man that is most likely to be seen on the fashion pages of magazines as the sports pages. After all he has been labeled the “Sexiest Iceman.” He has become as comfortable on the red carpet as he is on ice. His black eyed toothless teammates kid him and give him flack about his lifestyle. Dorks!
His fault is that he doesn’t hold the puck enough and he plays too deep in the net than most goalies dare, but he does get results. He is a co-owner of a restaurant/bar in downtown Manhattan called Tinnies. He can be seen hanging out there as late as 2 hours before a game totally relaxed. Once in uniform, everyone knows not to bother with him because he gets immersed in thought about what he has to do next. Win.
For the last ten years he has been listening to the same Blink 182 music as part of his “get ready for the game “ routine along with taping up his stick and getting his equipment ready. Music and hockey can be traced down to his childhood as the passions of his life. He and his twin brother Joel were born in Sweden and were both dominant players on there teams there too. Ultimately in 2000 Joel a forward was drafted by the Dallas Stars in the third round. Henrik was somehow overlooked till the seventh round when he was taken as the 205th pick by the New York Rangers.
Five years later in 2005, he finally made his Madison Square Garden debut and remembers vividly them cheering and chanting his name after the win. Once in the starting lineup Henrik was an instant hit with the fans and the press and earning the nickname King Henrik. Four months after his debut he achieved his crowning achievement by winning a gold medal at the Olympic winter games in Turin, Italy for Sweden.
Henrik’s status as an international star has taken a toll on him. He enjoys living in the United States now and has homes in Manhattan and on south Beach. Go watch the playoffs and see him in action now.

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