Friday, May 4, 2012

Take that cross off your neck and throw the Bible out . They are not a accurate story of what you believe in. The world consisting of Billions of people that believe in God and his only son, Jesus really only have one piece of authentic evidence that proves that such a remarkable man existed. The Shroud of Turin is real and reveals the truth about how Jesus died and supposedly has risen from the dead.
The piece of cloth has intrigued people for centuries as we all die and new people live. The burial cloth that covered Jesus when he died still exists. It has the faint image of the man as he had been tortured and crucified. The last time the Shroud was on view it was for six weeks in 2010. More than 2 Million people saw it. Even though in 1988 after a carbon dating test it was declared a medieval fake dating from the Middle Ages.
The story was supposed to be over but tell that to the crowds that waited in lines for hours to spend seconds in front of the cloth. Tell that to other scientists and scholars that believe the dating of the Shroud was wrong. Among them is Art historian Thomas DeWesselow. He points out that in most paintings and imprinted on most crosses we wear it depicts Jesus being nailed to the cross through his hands.
He is a specialist in medieval art and notes that the paintings are incorrect. The hand is not strong enough to bear the weight of a body. The image of the Shroud shows that he was crucified through the wrists. That is how they did it in Roman times. He has just published a provocative book about the Shroud called ”The Sign” The Shroud Of Turin and the Secret Of The Resurrection. He believes the Shroud is genuine and not a fake.
You can read the events from Good Friday to Easter Sunday on the Shroud and that is what is so extraordinary about the cloth. You can see on the cloth that he is beaten. On his face you can see under his eyes a swelling and his nose appears to be broken. You can see the crown of thorns that dig into his head. The puncture from the spear in his side is also visible with blood coming down his side.
How ironic! The provocative part is DeWesselow’s theory of what happened on the day of the Resurrection. He believes that on Easter Day Mary Madeline and two other women went to Jesus’ Tomb. They go into the Tomb and they find the body of Jesus draped in the Shroud as we would expect. They lift the cloth and they notice the strange shadowy form on the cloth itself.
What they saw was the Shroud. He believes that each report of the risen Christ was actually them seeing the Shroud. The cloth is what caused the rapid spread of Christianity. The Shroud was taken from Jerusalem to Galilee then to Damascus according to this author where he believes Paul saw it and became a Christian. Other historians believe that it then was reported to be seen in Edessa and then in the year 944 in Constantinople.
A drawing from the 1190’s that shows the Shroud draped over Jesus. A French Knight wrote about seeing such a cloth in Constantinople before the city was sacked by Crusaders in1204. We can show perfectly rationally where the Shroud was back to the 1st Century. More than 1,000 years before it showed up in Livey, France where it was put on display in 1355 held by a descendant of someone who fought in the Crusades. This is the date that the carbon researchers said that it was a fake. It’s been in Turin, Italy since 1578.
The Dean of Divinity School at Yale Harold Assuage , thinks that this new book is probably correct that the discovery of the Shroud did create new interest in Christianity after the death of Jesus. He said that the cloth is compatible with the ancient practice of crusification. The blood stains are clearly not paint. That much has been proven, but is it Jesus or is it a fake?
In 1898, Segundo Pia was allowed to photograph the Shroud. The image he saw in his darkroom startled the world. The Shroud it turns out is like a negative. Pia’s photo is the positive. People did not know about positive or negative photos in those days and could have not seen the negative images on the cloth. Instead of a shadowy bluer a clear image of a tortured man appeared. It is the shroud that is the clear evidence of Jesus as the son of God not the Resurrection as told in the Bible. We have the evidence that has survived Centuries.

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