Monday, March 12, 2012

It is the most despicable photo taken in all of American History. No one has ever been so disrespectful standing so closely to a President giving him such an offensive gesture. I sincerely hope she was telling him to watch his blood pressure because many American’s pressure went up after seeing the photo of the President on the tar mat with Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer full mouth open in yelling mode pointing a finger right in his face. He should have got his navy seals take her out right then and there. How dare she!!!
She is the governor who went to the White House a few years ago to complain about border problems and illegal people coming into the country. The meeting went well and then she wrote a book about the meeting and in many pages proceeded to basically call her President an ass hole. Now, even if you hate the guy, he is our chosen leader and deserves respect or at least be cordial to the man!
So, Obama gets off the plane in Arizona, she rushes to him unannounced with a letter saying that she wants to talk to him again and wants an invite to the Oval Office. How obnoxious a move is that? The secret service should have tackled her to the ground the minute she made a move on the President. There are ways to appropriately invite yourself to a one on one with our busy President. That is not one of the ways.
Obama said,” What happened? I read your book?” and that is when she must have called him an ass hole again in a confrontation brought on purely by her. Even if they disagree about everything there is to ever discuss, no one has the right to get in the face of my President; any of the American presidents before and after Obama and get in his face like that. Shame on you Jan Brewer you no class twit.
This jaded nut went on to say that she felt a bit threatened by him. Really? Is it because in her prejudicial mind she is afraid of black men and is sorry that they ever learned to read? What was she afraid of? That he would deck her or buy the house next door? I’m surprised he looked mildly annoyed at her. Lord help this woman if she really runs into a scary black guy like Wayne Brady or Eurkle!
Now this creature has the audacity to get into Obama’s face the same week he ordered the Navy Seals Team Six, the same group of elite soldiers that took out Bin Laden  to go into Somalia where there was a hostage situation holding American citizens against their will. Somalia happens to be the most dangerous place in the world right now. These guys jumped out of a plane at high altitude, parachuted down, rescued the hostages and quickly and methodically killed all the pirates. I hope Obama was telling here a recount of this story and said, “Stick your finger in my face one more time and…..’
Jan Brewer’s gesture is unprecedented. I don’t know of an single instance when anyone has been this disrespectful to any President. I don’t know who this creature thinks she is talking to. This is the physical embodiment of what has happened over the period of this Presidency. They started by accusing him of not being American so his very identity is being called into question.
Then people said he is a Muslim and not a Christian even though if you have read anything he has written or attend the churches he goes to, he has proven to be a committed Christian.
Then you move on and find that Donald Trump accuses him of not actually achieved any of his academic qualifications. What she did was the ultimate outcome of behavior and beliefs that have been allowed to spread and continue. Perhaps Obama needs a good publicist like actors have. Without the proper protection, this is why a disgusting photo emerges that is profoundly offensive and should be offensive to all Americans.
What she did is unprecedented. Nobody else pointed a finger to the face of a President. Nobody else ever yelled , “You lied.” when invited to a inner circle of people. Bill Clinton pointed the finger to everyone, the difference was that HE was the President.

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