Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook smakesbook what is the big deal? I grew up without playing Farmville and I turned out alright. The problem with America is that people are using their computers to play Games all day instead of using the devices for research for finding cures for illnesses or for creating income somehow. Instead, we have the Facebook craze that even Tide Detergent and anything else you can think of has it’s own page with friends.
Now Facebook that does not produce any goods or services has its own IPO. Yes soon it will be trading on the stock exchange. Years ago the world survived Ok without Facebook or any dating or gaming websites. But now these places are the source to start revolutions or protests or just share family pictures.
Frankly, I cant find a moment in the day when I can care less about flakessmook. Yet people are on the website all day and therefore they don’t read books anymore, practice their guitar, fix the car, clean the house, buy the groceries whatever. Then there are the people in defense of all the time spent social mediating say that if there wasn’t Facebook they would be finding another way to waste time.
They said the same things about the invention of the telephone. We survived before its invention and we can do without it again. It is only a device or an excuse for teenagers to talk on it all night. And yes, people need to waste time and the phone call about pretty much nothing filled the void for social mediating years ago. Mark Zuckerberg did the right thing. He found a way to make money off Americans doing nothing worth anything. That was genius.
Many people join Facebook just to promote their goods like Detergent or promote their new book they wrote or use it just for a medium to be exposed even though most of us are happy to be hidden in our homes or apartments. Just buy the book and send me money. Go away. I could care less where my grade school classmates are now. Go to hell all of you. It is just some publicists that tell you the only way you can promote your book is to go on Facebook and sign up for the operators book page.
We need Facebook because everyone abandons their small town. If you lived there all your life, you would see the ass hole you grew up with who is still the ass hole of the town just bigger and older probably fatter and a looser too. But you connected with him or her every once in a while at the grocery store where you saw the same old detergent too. Fuck Facebook. I don’t want to reconnect in town or on Facebook.
But seriously, the legacy of Facebook has been remarkable. In many ways the creation of Facebook has been the vehicle for the democrotation of many a nation. Yes, all the takeovers of dictators fueled the people to rise up and defeat these rulers that were fleecing their own people for decades. The users only want to use their page for sharing pictures of them getting drunk and making out.
The platform aspect of the website has actually given causes the ability to raise millions of dollars for charities. The platform has given you the opportunity to connect with millions of people all over the world as well as friends and family. The platform has allowed for the demarcation of information that the news networks have not been able to capture at the same rate of speed. Just for the ability to send a picture from any phone to anywhere alone on the site is a remarkable way to send a clear message without any words. Yes the photo needs no knowledge of language or culture it is universal.
So, if you wanted to see Mitt Romney ruin his singing of the National Anthem you probably shared it with some friend on Facebook. Hopefully, you were shared with the President sexily singing I ‘m so in love with you on Facebook. He was good. Apparently, political votes are being sought with singing contests to. No way the white guy even wins Minnesota. Ok, maybe we need to buy some of that Facebook stock.

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