Saturday, February 18, 2012

There are 12 year old children committing suicide from the roof tops of the factories that they work 32 hour shifts hand making your Apple gadgets and phones and they probably made your computer too. It is so bad at these massive factories that they put giant fishing nets attached to the outside of the buildings to catch these people. This is so horrible it sounds un real.. And what is worse, Apple and the factory owners have “no comment “ to the situation. Does anyone care?
Even in this high-technological age, your popular electronic devices are made by hand. Yeah, many tiny hands from China. There are already 37 Million I Phones being used today which represents just the phones sold in the last 3 months. For the quarter ending December 31st Apple reported revenues of 46 Billion dollars . Tim Cooke the guy who took over Apple after Steve Jobs died says they couldn’t even keep up with the global demand for the I Phone IV.
Who cares? The world doesn’t care. The world is in love with anything on it that is from Apple. There is a guy that is so mad about the situation, he booked himself on Broadway and on tour doing a sit down monologue on the subject. He is performer Mike Daisy who narrates his one man show called ’The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.”
He explains that the third largest city in China called Shenzhen has a company called Foxconn which manufactures electronics under contract for practically every major brand you can think of including Apple. It is the biggest company you’ve never heard of and its name doesn’t sound Chinese. At this place over 50% of all the electronics of the world are made there.
This place employs more than 400,000 people stacked like sardenes in a can in a maze of large buildings. Daisy went there where he wasn’t allowed into any building but he stood outside the buildings with his translator talking to workers during shift shifts . Within 2 hours he met kids age 12 or 14 who worked there. And then he saw people holding up signs sobbong with pictures of their kids who committed suicide. Can Apple really have no comment about this stuff?
Week after week kids are throwing themselves off the roof tops of these buildings so much so that now there are nets jutting out to catch these kids and prefent them from harm and probably throw them back to work in the building. Finally some people started th question the harse management methods that drives the workers to want to kill themselves. You think your boss is bad??
Finally, there is at least an organization called SACOM meaning Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior run by a bunch of kids that is a labor watchdog group based in Hong Kong, yes a much more liberal and free place than China. Coincidentally their logo features a worker carring a giant apple on their back that looks like the giant apple logo on your computer. Their slogan is “No more iSlave” Is this the American company we want to be known for with the blood of young children on our hands?
This watchdog group reported at least 18 kids committed suicide in 2010 and more tried. They were able to interview the workers who if they made a mistake would be punished.
Foxconn in response said their suiside rate was below the national average . We shouldn’t even have a national average for this stuff.
Steve Jobs himself said in 2010 before his own death that Foxconn is not a sweat shop but a factory. What motivates people to cash out of life is the constant demand and pressure to make more devices in shorter time and work for longer hours. Most people there work at least 12 -15 hours a day. Some people die after working a 34 hour shift.
These days Apple will always say “no comment” to the request for any interview on this subject. Repeated requests from reporters to have access to the Foxconn plant have been denied. So, at least before you dial on your phone or type on your computer, secretly thank the poor Chinese kids little hands who put that device together for your enjoyment.

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